Feathered Glaze Notes

Feathered Glaze

This method utilizes a fan brush to apply glaze to the edge and face, focusing heavily on the profiled areas. The excess glaze is removed from the fan brush with a dry cotton cloth before application to the product. This method of application involves lightly moving the brush back and forth in a quick manner, so that the glaze is applied primarily to the higher areas of the profile. Several passes are necessary to achieve the look of this method.

This method will alter the appearance of the original stain and wood species combination and causes the color to vary between the front and back side of the product. Due to the glazing effect, it becomes necessary to apply glaze to all refacing or sheet stock, moldings and accent components. Rub Through options are not available in conjunction with the Feathered Glaze Method. The glaze used for this method is unique to this process. This option is only available with Chocolate Glaze.