Flow Pen Glaze Notes

Flow Pen Glaze

The “Flow Pen” method utilizes a flow pen to apply glaze to the detail in profiled areas only, such as a lip or crevice. It is not necessary to apply glaze to sheet stock, unless your sheet stock has center panel face routing.

Not all profile and molding options are compatible with this glazing method. Moldings will only be glazed if there is an area for the glaze to rest. We will attempt to apply glaze to Accent Components to match the Flow Pen application as close as possible. Please note that it is not always possible to apply Flow Pen Glaze to every detail within a heavily profiled Accent Component. For the most consistent look across an entire order, we recommend using the “Dry Wiped” or “Solvent Wiped” glazing method on all products when ordering Accent Components. Flow pen is not an option for lattice products.

Rustic Grades and products with Simulated Distressing or Renaissance Distressing will not have “Flow Pen” glaze added to any of the natural and simulated defects associated with these products. Our Flow Pen Glazing Application Drawings will show you where glaze is applied to each profile.