Style 100FR French Dovetailed Drawer Box

WalzCraft has an extensive line of Specialty Drawer Box solutions to suit your every custom need.

Our French Dovetailed Specialty Drawer Boxes are completely made to order, allowing you to provide exact required sizes, materials, and profiles. The above French Dovetailed Joint Drawer Box is shown with Machined Top Edges, being flush & slightly eased on all sides.

As an alternative to French Dovetailed Joint (Style 100FR) Drawer Boxes, WalzCraft also offers these Joinery Options for Solid Wood or Baltic Birch Plywood Drawer Boxes:

  • Half Blind Dovetail – (Style 100HB)
  • Full/Through Dovetail Joint – (Style 100FT)

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Drawer Box Specifications

as Shown

  • 100FR (French Dovetail)
  • Oak - White
  • Select Grade
  • Natural
  • Oak - White - PS - (Select / Premium Grade)
  • Plywood
  • 13mm Inset
  • 5/8"
  • TE6

Additional Information

WalzCraft can also prep your Drawer Boxes with Drawer Box Notching for our Salice or Blum Drawer Slides and Runners, with Notching options also available for other hardware styles.

Your Drawer Boxes and Drawer Slides/Runners will all ship together in one shipment, to make your installation that much more efficient and convenient!

View Drawer Slide & Notching Options here.

Additional Drawer Box Options

WalzCraft offers a wide range of Drawer Box Options to help you improve the functionality of your drawer boxes.

  • Scoops
  • Bread Box Sliding Top
  • Laser Engraving
  • Drawer Box Ears
  • Hanging File Slots
  • Accent Top Edge
  • Specialty Joinery Options
  • Tiered Spice Tray Molding Inserts for Drawer Boxes


Additional Drawer Box Options