Sample Veneer Edgebanding Strips

WalzCraft offers 6″ Long Sample Strips of Veneer Edgebanding, Unfinished Only, in any of our standard wood species to help you verify that our veneer will suit your project requirements prior to placing a full order.

When placing your request for Veneer Edgebanding Samples, please specify the wood species, width, and backing (Unglued Kraft Paper Back or Pressure Sensitive (PSA) Fleece Backed), along with any other special instructions.

Please keep in mind that WalzCraft’s Wholesale Specifications Catalog provides current availability for all Veneer Edgebanding.

If you feel our 6″ Veneer Edgebanding Samples will help you to compare, verify, and finalize your order, please contact our Customer Support Team here.

Edgebanding Sample Specifications

as Shown

  • 6" Veneer Edgebanding Sample Strips
  • Customer Specified

*Please note that WalzCraft reserves the right to limit sample requests on a per order basis.

Part Numbers for Ordering:

See Catalog Specifications for Veneer Edgebanding Part Numbers (required to place your sample order).

Sample Image:

The sample image to the left displays:

(Top) Cherry VEBU4 Edgebanding with a PSA Fleece Backing, Unfinished.

(Bottom) Cherry VEBU5 Edgebanding with an unglued Kraft Backing, Unfinished.