Frameless Style Tambour Door & Track System Only

WalzCraft’s Tambour Door & Track System Only for Frameless Cabinetry Applications includes one carton shipped with a quality Tambour Door, Hand Pull, and a Spring Tension Tambour Door Track System.

Our Track System consists of two PVC guide rails, wood dowel, donut(s), and spring tension. This Frameless System is designed to recess mount in the end panels and is offered in various wood species and Door Widths & Slat Lengths, each which are easily trimmable.

Tambour Door & Track Systems are shipped Ready to Assemble (RTA) with Assembly Instructions. WalzCraft highly recommends waiting until you have the Tambour Door & Track System on hand before building the cabinet that will house the unit as this will ease the installation process.

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  • Frameless Style

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View all part numbers for available wood species, door styles (solid wood or wood veneer), door widths, and slat lengths.


Tambour Door & Track Systems can be ordered Unfinished or Prefinished by WalzCraft, with Solvent Wiped & Dry Wiped Glazing options available.

All Simulated Distressing Options are also available for any of the SW-30 Solid Wood Tambour Door Styles.

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