160428, 160429, 160430, 160431 Wall Mounted Sample Door Display Kit


WalzCraft’s Wall Mounted Sample Door Display Kit offers a safe and efficient way to display your sample doors and drawer fronts.  Our Sample Door Display Kit can be mounted on virtually any wall. This Dealer Aid is easy to assemble, install and has a flexible design – offering an effective way to flip through your samples and remove for an up-close look.

Each Wall Mounted Sample Door Display Kit includes an Upper Aluminum Rail, a Lower Aluminum Rail, and 15 pairs of Mounting Clips.

Aluminum Rails measure 45″ long each. Each set of rails can hold a maximum of 30 doors. (To fill all 30 spaces on a Display Kit, an additional set of Mounting Clips will need to be ordered.)

Mounting clips are available in either all ‘left’ or all ‘right’, allowing you to specify the direction you want your product to swing. (WalzCraft recommends hinging all doors to swing in the same direction for each kit).

Sample Door Display Kit Specifications

as shown
  • Style/Part #: 160428, 160429, 160430, 160431
  • Additional Options: Wall Mounted Sample
    Door Display Kit

Additional Information:

*Sample Door & Drawer Fronts for the Wall Mounted Sample Door Display Kit are not included in the price of the Display Kit and must be ordered separately.

To Place An Order:

  • Use Order Form:Miscellaneous (#5)
  • Use Part Numbers:

  • Display Kit With 'Left' Clips:160428
  • 'Left' Mounting Clip Add-On:160430
  • Display Kit With 'Right' Clips:160429
  • 'Right' Mounting Clip Add-On:160431

Learn more about our Wall Mounted Sample Door Display Kit by visiting our online catalog here.

Please contact our Customer Support Team to place your order.

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