PMWF500U Wood Flooring Molding

Precision Molded Wood Flooring is a wonderful way to outfit any size space to match, accent, or contrast the surrounding environment, including appliances, cabinetry, and trim work.

WalzCraft’s Solid Wood Precision Molded Wood Flooring is available Unfinished only and requires minimal sanding after installation to ease installation.

Precision Molded Wood Flooring is sold in random lengths, varying between 36″ and 96″.

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Wood Flooring Molding Specifications

as Shown

  • 3/4"
  • PMWF500U
  • 5 7/32"

Additional Information

To order, please provide the total square footage needed, keeping in mind any waste factor you may wish to add when placing your order.

WalzCraft also offers 8′ lengths of Wood Flooring Transition Moldings, with 93″ of guaranteed useable product per 8′ length. Transition Moldings will be end milled and sanded to 180 grit.

Any moldings over 6″ in width may be produced from a glued up panel, due to lumber availability.

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