Fluted Moldings

Fluted Moldings

Fluted Molding is a particular style of trim that is widely popular and easy to incorporate into cabinetry, bookcases, entertainment centers, and many other custom furniture & trim applications.

Fluted Molding is generally recognized by its distinct flutes, (often also referred to as ribs or ridges) that typically run the length of the inside of the molding.

Consecutive flutes create a clean symmetrical design that is commonly complemented with other Wood Moldings & Carvings such as Rosettes & Plinth Blocks. A combination of these moldings is often used to trim doorways & windows and can also be used to create unique Chair Rail creations.

For any custom configuration requests falling outside of WalzCraft’s standard Fluted Molding options, please contact our Customer Support Team. Our Team will be happy to evaluate your inquiry and provide a price quote.

Product Education

WalzCraft is your single source for variety and as always, offers a wide range of custom Fluted Molding options to accommodate nearly any custom design requirements and project genres. Our Fluted Moldings are available with standard Round Flutes (RF) or Round Glaze Flutes (RGF) and are completely made to order, allowing you to specify exact size requirements up to 96” in length, along with your choice of 3/4”, 1” or 1 1/4” thicknesses in any solid wood species.

Finishing Options include Wood Stains, SolidTones® (Paints), and various Rub Through & Distressing options. WalzCraft’s Flow Pen, Solvent Wiped and Dry Wiped Glaze Methods are only available on our Round Glaze Flutes (RGF), which have a notch added as a place to apply glazes that use a Flow Pen for the application. All other Glaze Methods may be applied to both the standard Round Flutes (RF) and the Round Glazed Flutes (RGF).

Round Flutes #700-13RF
Round Flutes #700-13RF
Round Glazed Flutes #700-13RGF
Round Glazed Flutes #700-13RGF

Round Flutes (RF) and Round Glaze Flutes (RGF) are available in various flute sizes. WalzCraft’s standard flute sizes include 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4”, & 1″. The standard spacing between each flute is 3/8”, with other spacing available upon request.

A Start/Stop Pattern (SSP) must be specified for both the top and bottom of your Fluted Moldings upon ordering. Our SSP Fluted Molding Patterns are available in options that run the Full Length (FL) or Not Full Length (NFL) of the molding. For those SSP Patterns that do not run the full length of the molding, various patterns are offered to create a design that will suit any taste.

For all Not Full Length (NFL) Start/Stop (SSP) Patterns, please also specify the distance from the top / bottom of the molding to the start of the longest flute. This allows you to completely customize your Fluted Molding for any design / installation requirements.

  • Note standard Round Flute (RF) or Round Glazed Flute (RGF)
  • Flute Width Size
  • Quantity & Exact Required Sizes for each Fluted Molding (W x L)
  • Number of Flutes per Molding (See Minimum Molding Width Per Flute Size Chart)
  • Flute Start/Stop Pattern & Distance from top / bottom of molding to start of longest flute (NFL SSP Patterns only)
  • Any Additional Options / Requests

Examples of Different Start / Stop Pattern Combinations & Ordering Guidelines

In addition to a range of Start/Stop Flute Patterns, WalzCraft also offers Integral Rout Patterns (IR) that can be incorporated onto your custom Fluted Molding pieces.

Integral Rout Patterns are either circular or square in shape and are often placed at the top and/or bottom of a Fluted Molding to serve as an additional accent.

When ordering Integral Rout Patterns, please specify: the IR Pattern, the measurement from the top or bottom of the molding to the center of the IR Pattern, the Start/Stop (SSP) Pattern(s) for your Fluted Molding, and the Start/Stop (SSP) measurement for any Not Full Length (NFL) SSP Patterns – distance from the top / bottom of the molding to the start of the longest flute.

Fluted Molding Filler

WalzCraft’s D7 (square) Outside Edge is the standard, while other Outside Edge options can be made available upon request, where additional design charges may apply. Please also keep in mind 45° & 90° Inside and Outside Corner Options, along with any of WalzCraft’s other Miscellaneous Joinery Options to create columns with your Fluted Moldings.