Pyramid Panel Cabinet Doors

Pyramid Panel Cabinet Doors

Our made-to-order Pyramid Panel Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts provide a creative way to infuse character into high-end kitchens and custom furniture. This product option is not shown in the current WalzCraft Catalog but is available as a Custom Engineered Product. WalzCraft reviews all requests for Pyramid Panel Cabinet Door and Drawer Fronts due to their complexity. Keep in mind that each product will have a unique look depending on the finished sizes.

We’ve created four samples to show how the product size changes the shape of the center panels. As always, these custom accent doors are available in a wide array of Profile, Wood Species, and Finish Options. *Note: Pyramid or Envelope Style Panel Doors and Drawer Fronts are only available in Solid Wood at this time.*

Our S966 Lennox and S967 Reese samples feature a Style 10 Raised Pyramid Panel Door and “Look B” Raised Panel Drawer Front. The shaped panel in the door extends to the face of the door while the back of the panel remains flat. The raised panel drawer fronts are 3/4″ at the edge and 1 1/8″ thick overall.

S966 Lennox Painted Pyramid Panel Cabinet Door
S966 Lennox
S967 Reese Wood Pyramid Panel Door
S967 Reese

The S968 Ainsley is an example of our Style 8000 Cabinet Door with square center panels while the S969 Ella showcases our Style 8030 Cabinet Door with three equal openings and rectangular pyramid center panels.

Please contact our Customer Support Team with any questions or to submit your project specifications.

S968 Ainsley Pyramid Panel Accent Door
S968 Ainsley
S969 Ella Pyramid Panel Accent Door
S969 Ella