Reconstituted Veneer Notes

Architectural Grade / Reconstituted / Composite Veneer is a wood veneer produced using a fast-growing tropical wood species, often times Obeche, along with Poplar, as well. The veneers are dyed and laid up to ‟mimic” the look of a particular species. The veneer sheets are made by laminating a block of veneer leaves together. The block is then sliced so that the edges of the laminated leaves become the “grain” of the composite veneer.

This veneer is relatively defect-free and has outstanding color and grain consistency from sheet to sheet.

This product is intended for a more contemporary look. If consistency in grain or color is important for individual doors and/or drawer fronts that will be installed directly above or below one another, we highly recommend utilizing WalzCraft’s Continuous Grain Option.

This Wood Species is most suitable for Natural/Clear Coat (no stain) and light stain colors.

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