Reconstituted Veneer Sheet Stock

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Reconstituted Veneer / Architectural Grade Veneer is a man-made product that uses fast growing tropical wood species dyed to mimic the look of a particular hardwood specie. Sheets of this product are laminated into a block that is sliced so that the edges of the laminated veneer become the “grain” of the Reconstituted Veneer. Wenge, Zebrawood, Rosewood and many others are popular choices, with many others available. View Reconstituted Veneer Wood Species.

Reconstituted Veneer is available in Non-Adhesive Paper Back Veneer and offered in various sheet stock sizes for custom applications. A Sample Set is available for purchase and includes one each of the available species on a 3 5/8″ wide x 5 1/4″ high paper back veneer.

Reconstituted Veneers have many great qualities making them a great option for projects requiring consistency & grain match:

  • Very straight grain
  • Outstanding color & grain consistency from sheet to sheet
  • Sheets are largely defect-free
  • Suitable for Natural / Clear Coat (no stain) & light stain colors

Reconstituted Veneer Door and Drawer Fronts

Style 60 Doors and Style 60* Drawer Fronts are available in 3/4″ thickness, having an MDF core with Reconstituted Veneer on the face and back. A matching 1/32″ thick edgeband is applied along the edges giving this door style a completely squared outside edge that is a great fit for Contemporary designs. Door sizes are available up to 48″ wide x 96″ high. Grain direction can also be specified as vertical or horizontal for doors and drawer fronts, at no additional cost.

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