Flexible Stile & Rail Widths

Flexible Stile & Rail Widths
Pictured (left to right): S886, S857, S910, S509, & S856

Flexible Stile & Rail Widths

Flexible stile and rail width part sizes are an invaluable benefit of WalzCraft’s 5 piece Traditional, Old World, Mitered, and MDF/RTF cabinet doors & drawer fronts. The ability to increase or decrease a stile and rail width from our standard size without any upcharge will not only allow you to save on the cost of your project but also meet your customer’s design expectations and accommodate pesky space requirements and custom applications. WalzCraft’s custom stile and rail part sizes offer both functional and style flexibility benefits as described below.

Functional Flexibility:

Inevitably, woodworking projects call for custom part sizes for proper function. Stile & Rail part widths often vary to serve a functional purpose such as butting a pair of Lazy Susan doors together, where one door must have an increased stile width to keep a consistent look between the pair of doors and also provide a place to butt the doors together.

Use Functional Flexibility on…

  • Below Minimum Size Drawer Fronts
  • Appliance Panels
  • End Panels
  • Island Backs or Based End Panels
  • Lazy Susan Doors
  • Passageway Doors

Design Flexibility:

Many of today’s popular cabinet door designs include stiles and rails that are increased in width. Wider stiles and rails give doors an organic, custom appearance that is often perceived as having increased value and a rich, unique look. Today’s Shaker and Craftsman style cabinet doors often use this technique while on the other hand, minimalist styles have narrower stile and rail parts.

Use Design Flexibility to…

  • Create a unique period style look
  • Enhance perception of weight or strength
  • Allow for use of larger applied or combination moldings
  • Maintain proportions
  • Develop a custom/higher end look

How do Flexible Stile & Rail Widths Benefit You?

The “value” of our flexible stile & rail part size program is to give you a competitive advantage in the market by allowing you to differentiate while still offering a top-notch competitive product. Only WalzCraft gives you this freedom without an additional charge because ultimately we understand your need for functional and design flexibility.

What Is Considered Standard Versus Non-Standard ?

Standard stile and rail part sizes for ¾” and 1” Traditional Doors and Drawer Fronts are 2 ¼”. Standard stile and rail part sizes for Old World Doors and Drawer Fronts are 3”. For other products, please refer to our Master Product Specifications & Wholesale Pricing Catalog as standard part sizes vary by product.

These stile and rail part sizes are not subject to additional charges when varying from the standard:

1½”, 1¾”, 2″, 2¼”, 2½”, 2¾”, 3″, 3¼”, 3½”, 3¾”, 4″, 4¼”, 4½”, 4¾”, 5″, 5¼”, 5½”, 5¾”, 6″, 6¼”, 6½”, 6¾” 7″, 7¼”, 7½”, 7¾”, 8″, 8¼”, 8½”, 8¾”, 9″, 9¼”, 9½”, 9¾” and 10″.