Signature Series FAQ

Question: Why is there more than one La Crosse design in the Color Brochure?

Answer: For referencing more than one design with varying Customer Specific Features. This allows us to show the flexibility of the Signature Series and to show the same La Crosse Design in multiple Door Styles, Wood Species and Grades, and finishes.


Question: If I specify the Signature Series Number (S###) on the order form, does that mean I get exactly what I see pictured in the Color Brochure?

Answer: No, it does not. It only means you will get the Standard Profiles and Standard Options unique to that design. You will still need to supply the Customer Specific Features, which include your Wood Species and Grade, Door Style and thickness.


Question: What is the difference between the Signature Series Name and the Signature Series Number?

Answer: Whether you provide the Signature Series name, the Signature Series number or both, you will receive the same Standard Profiles and Standard Options unique to that design. The only difference between the Signature Name and Signature Number is the Number allows you to “reference” a specific sample featured in our Color Brochure or any other WalzCraft marketing.


Question: Can I get Signature Series Designs in different Door Styles?

Answer: Yes, you can, as long as there are no compatibility issues with the door style and the Standard Profiles and Standard Options unique to that design. One of the central characteristics of the Signature Series is the customers ability to pick the door style or multiple doors styles on every order. (In the Signature Series, the Door Style, Wood Species and Grade, and Thickness are all Required Customer Specific Features that must be specified by the customer on every order.)


Question: Why do I still need to specify a Door Style after I have told you I want the Madison or any other Signature Series Design?

Answer: One of the highlights of ordering designs from our Signature Series is that it allows our customers to have options. When ordering the Madison design for example, you are getting the Standard Profiles and Standard Options that are unique to that design with the flexibility to vary the Door Style, Wood Specie and Grade, and Thickness. No kitchen is ever alike, which is why the Signature Series allows you the flexibility to cater the  Customer Specific Features to your customer request.


Question: Is every Signature Series Design compatible with every Door Style?

Answer: Unfortunately, they are not, with the best example being our “Contemporary”  line of designs, which are limited to on a few door styles.


Question: Do Signature Series Designs have separate pricing?

Answer: Signature Series designs do not have a separate pricing structure.

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