WalzCraft Products Show That “American Made Matters®”

Learn More About The "American Made Matters®" MissionAmerican Made DOES Matter!

WalzCraft is honored to be a Midwest supplier of high-quality custom-made cabinet components to cabinet makers and cabinet refacers nationwide. Our products are both unique and of sound quality and value. They are truly Something Special from Wisconsin™, with much of our product’s raw materials and all of our product’s production activities being generated right here within the Badger State!

WalzCraft recently extended our dedication to raising awareness of the importance of buying products made within the US. We are excited to announce that WalzCraft is now a member of American Made Matters®, an initiative to better educate consumers on the importance of purchasing US-made products to strengthen the American Dream. WalzCraft’s membership is just another way to show our company’s continued dedication to producing custom, innovative products that support our country’s economy.

Did you know? According to ABC News, if consumers spent 1% more on American made products, it would create 200,000 additional jobs. If consumers spent 5% more on American made products, it could create 1,000,000 additional jobs!

American Made Matters® is an organization made up of 250+ member companies (and growing). Members are manufacturers who represent many different industries from apparel and toys to steel fabrication and cleaning supplies. In order to qualify for membership, WalzCraft demonstrated that our products are manufactured in the USA with 50% or more of the cost, including labor, materials, and overhead, being of US origin, with final assembly also taking place in the US.

WalzCraft welcomes you to keep an eye out for American Made Matters® labels, which will soon be placed on outgoing product shipments from WalzCraft. As a company, we will continue to support both of these causes in an effort to further raise awareness of US-made products, which strengthens the American dream.

Learn more about choosing American made products and the American Made Matters® mission by visiting www.americanmadematters.com.