Sundown (ST)

SolidTone® (Paint) Finish (ST)

SolidTone® (Paint) Finishes (ST) are composed of solid color pigments mixed with our topcoat. A coat of primer is applied first. After drying, the product is lightly scuff-sanded and inspected for defects. If found, defects are filled and the product is lightly scuff sanded and primed again. After the final scuff sanding, we apply the coat of solid color.

Panels that require a glue-up when made in solid wood will be manufactured in Solid MDF or Hybrid Material when ordering a SolidTone® finish. If a panel is ordered with a Rub Through option, then it will be made from Solid Wood.

SolidTone® Plus Finish (STP)

All of our SolidTone® (Paint) Colors are also available with our SolidTone® Plus Finish (STP) option. Our SolidTone ® Plus Finish (STP) includes all the great features of our SoildTone® (ST) Finish PLUS the addition of a clear (no color) top coat. The clear top coat adds an extra layer of protection that can be beneficial in heavy-wear situations or when using darker colors. Additionally, SolidTone Plus delivers a smoother finish on the back of the product and a softer feel overall. Applying the clear finish will slightly change the appearance of the product, so we strongly recommend ordering a color block sample before proceeding with your order. When ordering a color block with SolidTone® Plus, please indicate “SolidTone® Plus” in the Special Instructions column on the order form.

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We suggest using SolidTone® colors on the following wood species:

  • Maple – Paint (Solid MDF Center Panel)
  • Birch – Paint (Solid MDF Center Panel)
  • Poplar – Paint (Solid MDF Center Panel)
  • Solid MDF (1 or 5-Piece)
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For best results we recommend ordering Maple due to the natural characteristics of this material, the grain is less likely to show through after painting.

Color Samples

This is an In-Stock Color Block and is available for purchase as an Individual Color Block or as part of a Color Block Set.

Approximate Matches for this Combination:

Hard/Soft Mixed Maple – (Paint Grade) – Sundown (ST)


  • Sundown – L768 – Tafisa

The above approximate matches allow you to order cabinet doors, moldings, and other wood components prefinished from WalzCraft to approximately match cabinet boxes and interiors built using these products (not supplied by WalzCraft).


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Disclaimer for Color

Actual product color and detail may vary due to individual computer preferences and monitor settings. We highly recommend ordering an actual product sample of the species and stain color to eliminate any confusion.

Please contact our Customer Support Team to place your order.