Anigre – Medium Figure – Quarter Sawn – Select / Premium Veneer

Wood Species / Grade Description

Door Dimensions of Wood Species Pictured: 12” W x 18” H

By definition, “figure” seen in wood refers to patterns caused by color and grain differences in the wood. When Anigre is Quarter Sawn the figure is more pronounced. Natural characteristics and color variation that are usual with this species are allowed.

Like many species, anigre has a wide range of names. In the U.S., we most often refer to it as anigre, while Europeans favor the term anegre. The spelling of anegre varies, from agnegre to aningre to aningeria, aniegre and more. In Nigeria, the wood is called landosan, and, in Angola, it is know as mukali and kali. In Kenya, it is called Mukangu and muna.  Additional names include osan and mutoke landojan, m’bout osan, Tanganyika nuss, tutu and n’kali.

Note: All Wood Species Samples are shown with a Natural / Clear Coat (No Stain) Finish and will look different when ordered unfinished.

Disclaimer for Color

Actual product color and detail may vary due to individual computer preferences and monitor settings. We highly recommend ordering an actual product sample of the species and stain color to eliminate any confusion. Please contact our Customer Support Team to place your order.