2/2011 – Pinless Door Construction: A Quality Standard from WalzCraft

WalzCraft has always been committed to providing you with truly the highest level of quality; to assure this we manufacture all of our Traditional and Mitered doors using a “pinless” Construction Method.

Cabinetmakers and homeowners alike can appreciate the organic look of the “pinless” doors. More simply stated, steel pins are “foreign objects” in solid wood. Eliminating the use of pins in the door joints, leaves one with the impression that the door is a single object, rather than 5 pieces. The absence of pins also eliminates the need to fill every pin hole with wood putty in an effort to hide them. The end result is a professionally crafted door that homeowners will appreciate for years to come.

Once glued and assembled, doors are clamped under pressure until the glue has had plenty of time to form a strong bond in the joints. With our clamping technique there is adequate time for the glue to cure and for clamp operators to inspect joints for precise alignment. This results in a tighter, more seamlessly perfect, pinless joint insuring higher quality and improved appearance. The strength of a joint is in the glue, which is why WalzCraft utilizes a customized male and female tenon that maximizes glue adhesion.

A Pinned Door from a Competitor 

The above image shows a door from a competitor that is constructed using steel pins.

All in all, you benefit by receiving a truly exceptional product, one that you can be proud to be associated with; while your client benefits by having beautiful long-lasting cabinet components in their home. This is ultimately why WalzCraft has always set our quality standards so high.