Beaded Center Panel Face Routing

Due to the popularity of Beaded / Reeded Cabinet Doors, we recently added a Continuous Bead Center Panel Face Rout option to our catalog.

Continuous Bead Center Panel Face Rout CPFR 3700


Our CPFR 3700 features 1/4″ wide beads and is available on material 11/32″ thick or greater. This includes:

  • Frame and Panel Doors / Drawer Fronts using RVSCP-PR324 (CPFR applied to Center Panel Only)
  • Solid Wood Slabs including Style 1270 Doors, Style 1270* Drawer Fronts, and Glued-Up Panels (GUPFS)
  • Raw MDF Slabs including Style 500 Doors, Style 500* Drawer Fronts, and Sheet Stock
    • Raw MDF Slab products are available in 1/4″ width increments when ordering CPFR 3700

S1013 Felix

S1013 Felix Continuous Bead Shaker Door

S1014 Olivia

S1014 Olivia Continuous Bead Slab Door