WalzCraft Budget / Value Grade Wood Species

  • WalzCraft products constructed with Budget / Value Grade wood allows for greater efficiencies and material usage, by allowing us to build structurally sound products from wood that aesthetically does not meet our Select or Natural Grade standards.
  • Solid wood drawer boxes are constructed using a combination of narrow staves of heartwood, sapwood and recycled lumber adhered together with formaldehyde free glue.


  • Construction of the drawer box sidewalls utilizes a Formaldehyde-Free glue to adhere the staves together.

Water Based Finish on Drawer Boxes

All solidwood and plywood WalzCraft Drawer Boxes are sealed and top coated using a high quality, environmentally friendly Water Based Finish.

NAUF Melamine Drawer Box

  • No Added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF)
  • Made from 100% recycled fiber content (Fiber basis).
  • ABS Edgebanding (No Chlorine, No heavy metals, No Formaldehyde)

Reduce Pollution & Waste by Ordering Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) Drawer Boxes

Ordering drawer boxes ready-to-assemble is a simple way to reduce pollutants and cost related to the transportation of product. RTA drawer boxes allow for greater efficiencies when packaging and shipping custom made drawer boxes to your business.

Participate in our “Return Use Service”

Fiberboard Pallets used in the transport of Common Carrier shipments can be saved and shipped back to WalzCraft in stacks of 50. You are also encouraged to save and return the Die-Cut Foam Corners used in the corners of our boxes (Shipping Instructions).

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