Universal Options

Universal Green Options

Order Your Project Pre-Finished from WalzCraft

Our customized finishing system allows us to safely apply materials in a self-contained environment. The result is what is famously known as a “WalzCraft Finish.”

Quality is a major component of producing a green product, which is why WalzCraft continues to use a conversion based varnish top coat. Though it is our goal to convert to a water-based UV cured finish, our own experiments and samples have yet to produce a product that meets our quality expectations. Using any material of lesser quality would shorten the lifespan of our products and subsequently contribute to more waste.

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Make a Contribution to an Environmental Organization

Whether you can donate your time or money, the rewards are always greater than the effort when it pertains to the environment.

Donate to the Hardwood Forestry Fund

Participate in our “Recycling Initiative Program”

Fiberboard Pallets used in the transport of Common Carrier shipments can be saved and shipped back to WalzCraft in stacks of 50. You are also encouraged to save and return the Drawer Box H-Clips and Die-Cut Foam Corners used in our packaging.

Learn more about our Recycling Initiative Program