Our Mission


The mission of WalzCraft Industries includes responsibilities to its customers, employees, owners, suppliers, and the community. The management team has identified these responsibilities.

A. Responsibilities to WalzCraft’s Customers:

  • We will provide a high-quality product at a competitive price that meets customer satisfaction. In return, we expect fair treatment, prompt payment, good communication, and loyalty.

B. Responsibilities to WalzCraft’s Employees:

  • We will provide a safe working environment, fair treatment, encourage personal and professional growth, and also encourage having a positive work attitude. In return, we expect employees to be committed to teamwork and cooperation, take ownership of their actions, provide superior craftsmanship, take pride in their workmanship, work toward continuous improvement and reach for excellence.

C. Responsibilities to WalzCraft’s Owners:

  • We will provide solid profitability, commitment, open communication, respect, personal growth and satisfaction, and take pride in our work. In return, we expect the owners to provide solid leadership and sound financial guidance.

D. Responsibilities to WalzCraft’s Suppliers:

  • We will provide fair treatment in a stable business relationship. WalzCraft Industries expects our suppliers to meet the same criteria that our customers expect of us.

E. Responsibilities to WalzCraft’s Community:

  • We will provide stable and equal opportunity employment, financially support the local community, eliminate harmful environmental effects, use ethical business practices, support local charitable organizations, and enhance and promote our community’s reputation. In return, we expect fair treatment.