Crown Molding

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Did you know that WalzCraft offers 95+ Crown Molding (Moulding) profiles in all of our standard wood species? A wide range of styles, various heights, and spring angles are offered to help you complete the finishing touches on all of your custom woodworking projects… all with no minimum order (run) requirements.

As you explore the possibilities, you may notice that our Crown Molding designs incorporate many of the same profile shapes and designs as offered with our wide range of outside edge, stile & rail, and center panel profiles for cabinet doors, allowing you to match, compliment and even contrast your other component creations.

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Crown Molding (Moulding) Availability

WalzCraft’s solid wood Crown Moldings are sold in 8′ lengths with 93″ of guaranteed useable product. Please notice that some Crown Molding drawings are shown as individual molding profiles and as assembled moldings, often with an attached Frieze or Mounting Plate Molding. Please also notice that a “C” symbol is used throughout our catalog, which indicating Convex/Concave availability.

Crown Molding (Moulding) Lengths

Our manufacturing process occasionally exposes natural defects within these lengths that sometimes leaves 3′ – 7′ lengths of useable material. In striving to use our materials & resources in the most efficient manner, our team also offers these lengths as a part of our Molding “Shorts Program”. If your project can accept such lengths of molding, please mention upon placing your order as our “Shorts Program” does offer an incentive discount for molding shorts.

In addition to standard “Shorts” and 8′ lengths of Crown Molding, WalzCraft also offers 3′ – 8′ & 3′ – 12′ “Random Length” Molding Programs (see catalog specifications for details). Crown Molding requests for lengths 8′ – 12′ may also be made available upon request and subject to the wood species & grade requested. Please contact our Customer Support team for requests that will require Crown Molding lengths longer than 12′.

Crown Molding (Moulding) Finishing

All Crown Molding is sanded to a 180 grit whether ordered Finished or Unfinished from WalzCraft.  Finish options for moldings include Natural Clear (No Stain), Stained, Primed Only (Pre Primed with either a Catalyzed or Non-Catalyzed Primer) and SolidTone (Painted).  Crown Moldings designated with a “Star” symbol in the drawing signify those molding that are available with a 3d Laminate / Rigid Thermofoil (RTF).

Please contact our Customer Support Team today to place your quote or order.

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