Drawer Front Looks

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Drawer Front Looks work in conjunction with WalzCraft door styles, to help determine the correct Slab (34SQ) or Raised Panel (RP) Drawer Front Look that will best compliment your cabinet door style. Ultimately, Drawer Front Looks define how your slab style drawer fronts will match up to your cabinet doors at the outside edge and face.

34SQ Drawer Front Look

Our 34SQ design is a very popular construction that uses a ¾” thick slab drawer front with a flat face. Any standard outside edge profile can be applied to this style of drawer front. Some outside edge profile designs taper off at the outside of the drawer front, which can actually simulate a raised panel “look”. Ordering a drawer front with these combinations of profiles is a more economical alternative to ordering 5-piece construction and other raised panel slab drawer front styles that require multiple router passes for manufacturing. (Order a 100SQE Style drawer front for a similar look that compliments 1″ thick cabinet doors).

Raised Panel (RP) Drawer Front Looks

Raised Panel (RP) Drawer Front Looks are offered in varying thicknesses, with some designs intended to sit flush with cabinet doors and others varying with the combination of profiles chosen. To order, choose an RP Profile and an outside edge profile. These Drawer Front Looks are a great way to compliment or create an exact match to cabinet door styles that use a combination of stile & rail, center panel & outside edge profiles. (Please note: In most cases, Looks “B”, “C” & “D” are intended to compliment 3/4″ thick cabinet doors, while Looks “F” & “G” are intended for use with 1″ thick cabinet doors).

*Drawer fronts up to 6″ high will be constructed with no glue-ups. This does not apply to Paint, Budget/Value, Rustic and Knotty Grades of material.

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