Face Frame Joinery (Assembled & RTA)

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All of WalzCraft’s Face Frame products are completely made to order from the wood species and part sizes to the profiles and configurations.

Additional Joinery Options For Face Frames

Joint Assembly Methods

Joint Assembly Methods

WalzCraft offers various Joint Assembly Methods for joining two Face Frame Configurations or any other cabinet components together.

Joint Assembly Methods include Hoffman Dovetails, Domino Tenon, Dowel, Biscuit, Pocket Screw, and Countersunk Screw Assemblies.

Miscellaneous Joinery Options

Miscellaneous Joinery Methods (MJ Options) allow you to specify a choice of joinery where your Face Frame Configurations or other cabinet components come together at various angles.

MJ Options for Face Frames include Miter Cuts, Dado Options, Rabbet Grooves, and Tongue & Groove Joints.

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