6/2011 – New Quarter Sawn Mahogany Craftsman Style Cabinet Door Design – S647 Cross Plains

Mahogany Cabinet Doors - Craftsman Style Applied Molding Doors S647 Cross Plains - WalzCraftThe S647 Cross Plains applied molding cabinet door is a Signature Series Design that expresses a simple style of straight line edges on a basic square frame. A geometric shaped shelf applied molding perfectly ties together this door’s reversed solid wood center panel and basic outside edge shape. This complete look is a tasteful choice of décor that falls into one of WalzCraft’s many Craftsman and Prairie Style custom cabinet doors, all excellent options for kitchen, bathroom, and furniture projects.

The Cross Plains Signature Series Design utilizes WalzCraft’s SR136 Traditional Stile & Rail profile, which can be applied to many mortise & tenon cabinet door styles. WalzCraft also allows customization of the applied molding profile, outside edge profile, and width of the stile & rail pieces for this Signature Series look. As always, each order is fulfilled to the desired specifications, where the wood species, grade, and prefinish option may also be specified.

The S647 Cross Plains applied molding door demonstrated here, illustrates WalzCraft’s Natural grade Quarter Sawn Mahogany-Sipo, a new wood specie offering, with an American Walnut wiping stain. WalzCraft has chosen to compliment our reversed solid center panel Cross Plains door with a Slab Style drawer front with a matching outside edge. Please keep in mind that any drawer front style can be ordered to compliment our S647 Signature Series look.

Click here to view the Standard Profiles & Options and Customer Specific Features of the S647 Cross Plains Signature Series Design.