New On-Trend 3D Laminate (RTF) Options

WalzCraft recently added seven new on-trend 3D Laminate finish options to our catalog. Additions include four gray-tone Wood Grain options and three popular solid colors.

Free Spirit

Free Spirit 3D Laminate (RTF) Color Block


Fashionista 3D Laminate (RTF) Color Block

First Class

First Class 3D Laminate (RTF) Color Block

Linear Ash

Linear Ash 3D Laminate (RTF) Color Block

Vapor Trail

Vapor Trail 3D Laminate (RTF) Color Block

Verde Super Matte

Verde Super Matte Color Block

Black Super Matte

Black Super Matte Color Block


We’ve also added seven new Signature Series Door & Drawer Front Designs in our new 3D Laminate (RTF) Finishes. Recent additions include S994 Finn, S997 Belle, S993 Trace, S992 Bellamy, S995 Haven, S996 Duncan, and S991 Electra.

New 3D Laminate Door Designs
Pictured Left to Right: S994, S997, S993, S992, S995, S996, & S991