160697 Salice Excen-three 106° 1/2″ Overlay Compact Face Frame Hinge

WalzCraft offers Salice’s Excen-three Compact Face Frame Hinges that can be applied to any Face Frame Cabinet Application in various overlay options. Salice’s one-piece Compact Hinge construction requires no additional Mounting (Base) Plate and offer a 106° opening.

The Excen-three 1/2″ Overlay, Press-in Dowel Compact Face Frame Hinge is a concealed hinge style and can be used with doors up to 3/4″ in thickness (Salice Item # CSR3799XR). This Series of Hinges offers a zero protrusion for overlays 1/2″ or greater at 90°. (Zero protrusion being where the door does not infringe on interior components).

All Excen-three Hinges are self-closing and corrosion resistant, with a 6-Way Adjustability allowing for eased installation (3 cams provide for left/right, in/out, and up/down movement). A lifetime warranty is offered on all Excen-three hardware.

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106° Excen-three Compact Face Frame Hinge

as Shown

  • 160697 (Press In Dowel Application)

Hinge Bore Compatibility:

  • Hinge Bore Pattern: HP200
  • Tab/Cup Drill Distance: 2.5mm
  • Cup Bore Depth: 12.7mm (1/2″)

Press In DowelPress In Dowel Fixing Option

Each Excen-three Hinge is provided with screws to affix to a door. Attach Excen-three Hinges to a Face Frame using two #6 X 5/8″ Flat Head Phillips (FHP) Wood Screws per Hinge. (Screws are sold separately).

*Please note that Excen-three Compact Face Frame Hinges are not compatible with Frameless Cabinetry styles.

A variety of overlays are available for both Face Frame Compact Hinges. For additional overlays, please contact our Customer Support Team to submit your special requirements and place your order.

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