Pressure Sensitive (PSA) Paper Back Veneer

Paper Back Veneer is a Wood Veneer bonded to a paper substrate and 3M “Peel and Stick” (PSA) adhesive backing. This veneer is available in Rough Cut to Stock Sizes (RCSS), where sheet sizes can be trimmed to suit your application requirements. Learn more and view additional veneer options.

Our Paper Back Veneer with 3M “Peel and Stick” adhesive backing is shipped with Veneer Application Instructions, while any additional contact cement or other adhesive products must be purchased separately (not offered by WalzCraft). WalzCraft does offer a Veneer Smoothing Tool made of a beveled plexiglass blade that will not scratch veneer products during installation.

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Pressure Sensitive Veneer Specifications

as Shown

  • .023"
  • Paper Back Veneer

Additional Information

Actual Size of Sheets: Varies from 48 1/4″ x 96 1/4″ to 49″ x 97″

Sheet Sizes Available for Purchase: 24″ x 32″, 2′ x 4′, 2′ x 8′, 4′ x 4′, and 4′ x 8′

Wood Species

Please visit our online catalog options & specifications to view Available Wood Species for this and many other Sheet Stock products.


Veneer products are available Unfinished or Finished by WalzCraft.

Prefinished Veneer products are Finished on one side (face) only.

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