206RTF 3D Laminate / RTF Foil Swatch


For all of your MDF projects, WalzCraft offers Rigid Thermofoil 3D Laminate / RTF Color Options that include solid colors ranging from light to dark and patterns that mimic various woods and leathers, some even including textures.

3D Laminate / RTF covers the face and edges of doors and drawer fronts and can also be ordered with other cabinet accessories.

Many 3D Laminate / RTF options also have approximate Wood Specie & Finish Matches to allow you to mix and match solid wood and MDF Finished products. An added benefit of 3D Laminate / RTF products is that they require very little attention. Most often, a warm dish soap / water mixture is best for cleaning.

View all of WalzCraft’s 3D Laminate / RTF Color Options here.

To request a Sample 3D Laminate / RTF Swatch, please contact our Customer Support Team today.

3D Laminate / RTF Swatch Specifications

as shown
  • Style/Part #: 206RTF
  • Additional Options: 3D Laminate / RTF Swatch Specifications

*Please note that WalzCraft reserves the right to limit sample requests on a per order basis.

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