149803 SolidTone® WoodGrain Color Block Set

This color block set includes the following individual SolidTone® WoodGrain (Paint) color blocks:

  • (36) SolidTone® WoodGrain Colors

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Color Block Set Specifications

as Shown

  • Oak - Red / White Mix
  • SolidTone® WoodGrain
  • 149803

Additional Information

SolidTone® WoodGrain

SolidTone® WoodGrain finishes are composed of solid color pigments mixed with topcoat. This prefinish process is the same as with SolidTone® colors, minus the primer, where product is scuff sanded and receives a coat of solid color.

The SolidTone® WoodGrain finish is available in all SolidTone® colors on Ash, Hickory and Red & White Oak (excluding Quarter Sawn).

Color Samples

This is an In-Stock Color Block Set and is available for purchase as a complete set.

When ordering full sets, all of the blocks within that set will be chained together with no additional charge for chaining.

Color Blocks are constructed using 3 glue-ups to provide a more realistic color comparison, similar to that of a center panel in a door, and are approximately 5″W x 5⅝”L.


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36 Month Life Expectancy

We recommend ordering new samples if the current date exceeds the “Ship Date” by more than 3 years.

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