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Miscellaneous Joinery Options

Miscellaneous Joinery Methods (MJ Options) allow you to specify a choice of joinery where your Face Frame Configurations or another cabinet components come together at 45° Inside & Outside Corners, other angled transitions such as 22 1/2° and 45° Inside & Outside Corners, and at Edge to Edge & Edge to Face transitions.

All of WalzCraft’s Miscellaneous Joinery Methods are available for Face Frame Products and include:

  • Miter Cuts
  • Dado Options
  • Rabbet Grooves
  • Tongue & Groove Joints

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Face Frames
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Profiled Stock

Profile Stock

WalzCraft profile lineal stock molding to further customize Profiled Stock used as Fillers, Countertop Edging, Casing & Base Molding. Choose from any of WalzCraft’s standard wood species and select your choice of Outside Edge Profile, Center Panel Profile, Stile & Rail Profile, or perhaps add a Joinery Option or Accent Profile.

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