Almond Crystal 3D Laminate / RTF

Color: Almond Crystal 3D Laminate / RTF

3D Laminate (RTF)

Our 3D Laminate / Rigid Thermofoil (RTF) finish is an alternative to Stain and SolidTone® wood finishes. In addition to ordering 3D Laminate (RTF) products, WalzCraft also offers RTF Sheet Stock including non-adhesive loose foil (no backer material), loose foil with 3M PSA (peel and stick) backing, and loose foil with phenolic backing.

3D Laminate (RTF) Products

3D Laminate (RTF) finish is available on 3/4″ thick MDF core doors and drawer fronts with White-W300 or Almond Melamine or matching 3D Laminate (RTF) backing. 3D Laminate (RTF) finish is also available with an assortment of other WalzCraft custom cabinet components including, moldings, knick-knacks, and valances.

Approximate Matches for this Combination:

MDF Core – Almond Crystal (3D Laminate / RTF)


  • Almondine – S203 – Duramine
  • Almond – A920 – Flakeboard
  • Almond – 16 – Roseburg


  • 920 – Formica
  • S2037c – Nevamar
  • ST655c – Pionite
  • D30c – Wilsonart

PVC Edgebanding:

  • 1543-9 – Canplast
  • 2114 – Dolken
  • 1065 – EdgeCo
  • 7002TX – Olon

3D Laminate / RTF Sheet Stock:

The above approximate matches allow you to order cabinet doors, moldings, and other wood components prefinished from WalzCraft to approximately match cabinet boxes and interiors built using these products (not supplied by WalzCraft).


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Special Note

3D Laminated (RTF) products are built to require very little attention. A mild detergent such as dish soap mixed with warm water is the recommended solution for cleaning.

Disclaimer for Color

Actual Product color and detail may vary due to individual computer preferences and monitor settings. We highly recommend ordering a product sample of the 3D Laminate (RTF) color to eliminate any confusion.

Please contact our Customer Support Team to place your order.