Green Cabinet Door Options

WalzCraft offers over 25 wood species with the majority available in more than one grade. Choosing to use a wood specie and grade combination that allows for the use of natural characteristics is an easy environmentally friendly decision. Below are several standard options from WalzCraft that can make your next project greener.

WalzCraft Natural Grades

  • Products built with Natural Grade material allow WalzCraft to use wood that may include a greater percentage of natural characteristics common within that wood species, such as heartwood and sap (Definitions and Images of all the Wood Species and Grade combinations available may be viewed on the Wood Species Page).
  • WalzCraft uses Formaldehyde-Free glue in the construction of center panels for hardwood cabinet doors.
  • WalzCraft offers many Natural Grade options at a discount to Select Grade material due to production and yield efficiencies.

(WalzCraft recommends Natural Grade material when using medium to dark stain colors.)

WalzCraft Rustic Grades

Products built with Rustic Grade material call for the use of knots and burs, which are natural characteristics found in every hardwood. In most residential and commercial applications, knots are considered a defect, meaning knotty material is wasted and subsequently more material is required for the application.  View all Rustic and Knotty Grade Wood Species.


WalzCraft “Character” Wood Specie and Grade Combinations

These wood specie options feature an abundance of natural characteristics, which may be utilized to create an imaginative final product.

WalzCraft Budget/Value & Paint Grades

  • WalzCraft products constructed with Budget / Value Grade wood allow for greater efficiencies and material usage by allowing us to build structurally sound products from wood that aesthetically does not meet our Select or Natural Grade standards.
  • Center panels for solid wood cabinet doors are constructed using a combination of narrow staves of heartwood, sapwood and recycled lumber adhered together with formaldehyde free glue.


For over 200 years, the sustainable use of forests has been implemented in Germany. Sustainability was then defined as only taking as much wood as could be grown again. This practice ensured supplies of wood as a raw material for subsequent generations. Today, forestry laws protect the sustainable use of all aspects of forestry. Hence, in Germany, more wood (volume) and forests (area) are currently growing than can be used within the same period.

Pollmeier German Beech lumber is PEFC certified (view PEFC certificate) The certification system for sustainable forest management PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) is based on international resolutions agreed at the Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe (Helsinki 1993, Lisbon 1998) by 37 nations in the Pan-European process. The primary objective of the PEFC is to document and improve sustainable forest management with regard to economic, ecological and social standards. “FAQ, PEFC.”

View Beech Wood & Grade options.

Additional Information can be viewed at Wikipedia: PEFC.

Order Your Project Pre-Finished from WalzCraft

Our customized finishing system allows us to safely apply materials in a self-contained environment. The result is what is famously known as a “WalzCraft Finish.” Quality is a major component of producing a green product, which is why WalzCraft continues to use a conversion based varnish top coat. Though it is our goal to convert to a water based UV cured finish, our own experiments and samples have yet to produce a product that meets our quality expectations.

Using any material of a lesser quality would shorten the life span of our products and subsequently contribute to more waste.

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