Nightfall – New Dark Gray Stain

WalzCraft’s Nightfall V3 is a dark gray Combination Stain that covers most of the natural color and highlights the darker wood grain. Our Combination Stains utilize a two-step process starting with toner as the first application and then applying a Wipe Stain. This two-step process creates unique colors with depth.

Color Blocks with Nightfall Stain

Nightfall is shown below on our Natural/Standard Grade Alder, Birch, Cherry, Maple, and Red Oak Wood Species. Nightfall color blocks are available in these Wood Species, as well as Hickory & Soft Maple (not pictured).

Nightfall V3 on Alder

Nightfall Combination Stain on Alder

Nightfall V3 on Birch

Nightfall Combination Stain on Birch

Nightfall V3 on Cherry

Nightfall Combination Stain on Cherry

Nightfall V3 on Hard Maple

Nightfall Combination Stain on Maple

Nightfall V3 on Red Oak

Nightfall Combination Stain on Red Oak

This Dark Gray Stain pairs well with an array of design schemes. However, Transitional, Contemporary, and Rustic styles top the list. Add distressing or glaze to create a truly custom finished product.

Additional Resources

Online Catalog

View our online catalog below for all Wood Species available in Nightfall V3.

Download PDF Here – See pages R.1.10-R.1.11 for Wood Species available with Nightfall V3 Combination Stain.

Additional Gray Stain Options

Check back soon for new Signature Series Door & Drawer Front Designs with Nightfall Stain!