DB-13 Leaded Glass Configuration

WalzCraft’s DB-13 Leaded Glass Configuration features a single, double, or triple X Pattern that will vary depending on door size. Our Leaded Glass sample shows two stacked X patterns with Pewter Caming and our DG-11 Clear Seedy Designer Glass. The Frame Only Cabinet Door used in our sample is Walnut – Select / Premium Grade Wood with Natural / Clear Coat (No Stain) finish. The Door shown is 13 1/8″ W x 28 3/8″ H with 2 1/4″ Stiles and Rails.

DB-13 Leaded Glass is 1/4″ thick and available with frame only doors or sold independently. When ordering, please specify your choice of Designer Glass. Also, keep in mind that not all glass options are compatible with all patterns. All glass is shipped directly from the manufacturer.

The X Pattern is Traditional in design and pairs well with Farmhouse or Vintage Styling. Adding Leaded Glass to upper kitchen cabinets or a custom hutch is a great way to add dramatic detail and creates a space to showcase dishes, antiques, and more. Don’t forget to add Glass Shelves when ordering Leaded Glass for use in cabinet & furniture applications.

*Note: Leaded Glass is not available for Passageway Doors.

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Leaded Glass Specifications

as Shown

  • DB-13

Additional Specifications

  • Glass Pattern: DG-11 – Clear Seedy Glass
  • Caming: Pewter

Pattern Sizes

  • There will be a single “X” for heights 15″H and under, with a minimum of 7″H.
  • There will be a double “X” (as shown) for heights from 15 1/16″H up to 32″H.
  • There will be a triple “X” for heights from 32 1/16″H up to 48″H.

Leaded Glass

Leaded Glass Configurations are a great way to enhance any frame door design, offering a more decorative appearance than cabinet glass alone. When used in kitchen cabinetry, custom built-ins, and furniture applications, leaded glass doors can go a long way in achieving a certain theme or style.

Individual pieces of glass and Lead Caming (mullions separating the individual pieces of glass) are assembled, soldered on both sides, and cemented in place with glazing putty to prevent any rattling.

WalzCraft offers various standard configurations for leaded glass patterns, resulting in an impressive number of unique combinations to suit any taste. Learn more by visiting our online catalog.


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To Order With A Door

Ordering is easy! Please specify a Door Quantity, Style, Width, & Height, along with a Leaded Glass Configuration & Designer Glass Pattern. Our team will automatically calculate your glass sizes based on your door dimensions, saving you time and eliminating the risk of buying glass panels that are not precisely cut to fit your doors.

To Order Independently

Please specify a Leaded Glass Configuration & Designer Glass Pattern, as well as a quantity, width, & height.


Leaded Glass Configurations come with an installation kit including instructions, plastic clips, and a tube of silicone. Although Leaded Glass Configurations are not compatible with WalzCraft’s Rubber Glass Retainer, WalzCraft does alternatively offer wood retainer moldings that are compatible. Wood Retainer Moldings for 1/4″ glass includes 889, 1036, 1120, or 3094.