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New White & Gray SolidTone® (Paints) & Primers

WalzCraft is excited to announce three new SolidTone® (Paint) additions to our extensive line of Painted finishes and two new Primer Only color options for customers looking for Pre-Primed cabinet doors and custom cabinet components.

New SolidTone® (Paint) colors include Dove White, Medium Gray, and Dark Gray.  Medium Gray and Dark Gray are also great new options for customers needing darker Pre-Primed cabinet doors and components.  Contact our Customer Support Team to order Color Block samples of these new colors.

Dove White (ST)

Medium Gray (ST)

Dark Gray (ST)

Our SolidTone® colors are pigmented, acid Catalyzed Conversion Varnishes that provide superior coverage for your painting needs. Conversion Varnishes have greater scratch resistance and chemical resistance than other popular finishes like Polyurethane or Lacquer.

Learn More about our SolidTone® Finishes

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Our three new colors are also available in our SolidTone® WoodGrain Finish Option.

Dove White (STWG)

Medium Gray (STWG)

Dark Gray (STWG)

Learn More about our SolidTone® WoodGrain Finishes

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New SolidTone® (Paint) Colors

WalzCraft is excited to announce six new SolidTone® color additions to our extensive line of finish options for custom cabinet components. Our new SolidTone® (paint) finishes include warm and cool neutral hues that range in tone from light to dark.

Add instant beauty and elegance to any design style today! Explore the possibilities of these timeless, classic colors on our twelve new Signature Series Designs displayed below. It’s easy, just click on the images to learn more about each Design!

All of our new SolidTone® finishes are “approximate matches” to popular Melamine colors available from Tafisa making it easy to source complementary materials to complete your project.

Morning Dew SolidTone®

S836-Allure-Morning-Dew-SolidTone S837-Poise-Morning-Dew-SolidTone

Milky Way SolidTone®

S832-Esteem-Milky-Way-SolidTone S833-Prestige-Milky-Way-SolidTone

Rain Cloud SolidTone®

Moonlight SolidTone®

Slate SolidTone®

Sundown SolidTone®

As always, our new Signature Series Designs can be customized to your exact requirements and can be ordered in all of WalzCraft’s standard Wood Species and Wood Finish options.