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WalzCraft Celebrates MFG Day

Manufacturing Day 2021

October is Manufacturing Month, and the first Friday of the month is Manufacturing Day. MFG Day promotes modern manufacturing and the importance it has on local, national, and global economies. As a manufacturer, WalzCraft is proud to provide jobs in the La Crosse community and build high-quality products.

This year MFG Day landed on October 1st, 2021. To celebrate, WalzCraft provided custom t-shirts to our dedicated Manufacturing Team to thank them for their hard work. The celebration continued with a company-wide catered lunch. 

We are grateful for all of our Team Members and would like to thank them for making our products Something Special from Wisconsin™.

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AWFS Fair 2021 Recap

WalzCraft Trade Show Booth 3969

The Return of In-Person Trade Shows

WalzCraft Trade Show Booth 3969

The AWFS Fair 2021 was the first major industry event to take place live and in-person since 2019. The 4-day show was held July 20th-23rd in the new West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. WalzCraft was one of 400+ exhibitors brought together to reconnect with woodworking professionals.

WalzCraft had a 10′ x 20′ walk-through style booth in the products and supply section of the Trade Show.  Attendees visiting our booth had the opportunity to view 60+ product samples, including our new Pyramid Panel, X Pattern, and Continuous Bead Cabinet Doors. During the show, our team had valuable conversations with existing and potential customers that addressed the challenges of today’s market.

Our team would like to thank everyone who took the time to stop in and see us. We truly appreciate your interest in our products and look forward to helping you with your future cabinet component and finishing needs.

Learn more about AWFS by visiting

Missed the show? Check out the AWFS Fair 2021 Recap Video below!

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Continuous Bead Cabinet Doors

Continuous Bead Cabinet Doors

Requests for Beaded or Reeded Cabinetry are on the rise with homeowners. In response, WalzCraft has added Continuous Bead Applied Molding Door & Drawer Front options to our catalog. We manufacture our Continuous Bead Cabinet Doors by applying our #3166 Beaded Molding to a 9/16″ thick veneered panel with an MDF Core. Next, we add a solid wood Outside Edge Applied Molding to hide the raw edge of the veneered panel.

We’ve added several Signature Series Designs to our website that feature the new beaded options. Samples pictured from left to right include S974 Reed, S976 Reed, and S975 Reed. The new additions show off similar designs in different Wood Species and Finish options.

Continuous Bead Cabinet Doors
Pictured (left to right): S974, S976, & S975 Reed
Reed Continuous Bead Slab Door
Reed Door Profiles

Ordering Continuous Bead Cabinet Doors

When ordering our Continuous Bead Applied Molding Doors, please specify the following. 

  • Style 60 Door or Style 60* Drawer Front
  • Edgeband Treatment option EBT100
  • D216AM*, D217AM*, D218AM*, or D219AM* Applied Molding Outside Edge
  • Indicate Beaded Applied Molding option #3166, as well as vertical or horizontal placement of the molding
  • Select a Wood Species from our Closed Louver Doors with Raised Panel – Wood Species Options chart on our Techincal Information Page
  • Order unfinished or choose a finish option from Chapter R (excluding Flow Pen Glaze)

To learn more, please view our catalog specifications below or contact our Customer Support Team.

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Kitchen Island Customization

Gray & White Kitchen

One of the most common homeowner requests when planning a new, remodeled, or refaced kitchen is to add or upgrade an island. WalzCraft not only has the Cabinet Doors, Drawer Fronts, and Drawer Boxes covered, we also offer a variety of functional and decorative enhancements that will help customize your kitchen island design. Below are seven examples of how to use WalzCraft Cabinet Components to create a custom Kitchen Island for your clients.

Transitional Two-Tone

Two-tone kitchen cabinets are a popular design trend, and the island is the ideal place to incorporate visual interest. Try pairing painted cabinets with stained wood cabinets to create a focal point, as well as add depth and texture. Don’t forget to order Outlet and Vent covers in matching wood and finish colors.

Customized Openings

Cabinet Valances are a great way to customize an opening between cabinets or hide countertop supports. Our Upper Cabinet Valances are available in a variety of patterns and your choice of outside edge profile. If you are using the opening for dining or a workstation, then consider adding shelf supports or decorative corbels for additional support.

Refaced Shaker Island

This Shaker Style Island received a facelift as part of a refacing project. After refacing the base of the island, this customer installed corner moldings to hide exposed panel edges. Next, they attached Onlay Frames to create the look of wainscoting. The addition of new Drawer Fronts and a custom Bread/Cutting Board complete this refaced island.

Beautiful Butcher Blocks

Our Butcher Block Countertops are a great way to add more contrast and warmth to your kitchen plan. We offer standard and custom design patterns in a variety of Wood Species options. The example above showcases a custom-shaped butcher block paired with our Applied Molding Cabinet Doors & Drawer Fronts.

Rustic & Farmhouse Designs

Get the popular rustic or farmhouse look by adding a beadboard or shiplap panel to the backside of the island. To achieve this look, order Sheet Goods with your choice of vertical or horizontal Center Panel Face Routs (CPFR). Table legs/posts and shelving make it easy to add dine-in seating and storage to finish out this design.

High-end Furniture Look

Use our 1″ Thick Old World Cabinet Doors with prefit Face Frames to make your island design the centerpiece of the kitchen. The addition of Applied Mullion Cabinet Doors as end panels result in a high-end furniture look.

Custom End Panels

Custom End Panel Kitchen Island

Our non-catalog team will help customize a door or wainscot to create custom island end panels for easy installation. The example above features a custom X Pattern Cabinet Door with Mortise and Tenon construction. Our X pattern doors are available in a variety of Profile, Wood Species, and Finish options.

Special Thanks

We would like to thank our customers for supplying us with the island installation images used in this article. WalzCraft’s Marketing Team is always looking for installation images that showcase our products and your craftsmanship. We welcome you to submit images of your work by completing our Showcase Submission Form.

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X Pattern Cabinet Doors

X Pattern Cabinet Doors
X Pattern Cabinet Doors

Our made-to-order X Pattern Cabinet Doors provide an easy way to add charm to kitchens, bathrooms, and furniture. While this type of door is most common in Modern and Industrial Farmhouse design, it also complements Traditional, Shaker, and Transitional Design schemes.

Custom options for these Accent Doors include a wide array of profile combinations, wood species, and finishes. The addition of vertical or horizontal Center Panel Face Routing (CPFR) pairs well with Farmhouse or Rustic styles. We’ve added several Signature Series Designs with this popular X detail to help visualize the finished product. All samples have shaker style profiles with Mortise and Tenon Joinery and finish at 3/4″ or 1″ thick. We use full-thickness angled Center Stiles/Rails to create the X Pattern and cut triangular Center Panels to fit each opening. Click on the doors to view full product specifications.

S970 Rhodes Gray X Pattern Door
S970 Rhodes
S971 Bailey Painted X Pattern Door
S971 Bailey
S972 Wyatt Oak X Pattern Door
S972 Wyatt
S973 Wisteria Shaker X Pattern Door
S973 Wisteria

X Pattern Cabinet Doors are not shown in the current WalzCraft Catalog but are available as a Custom Engineered Product. WalzCraft reviews all requests for these doors due to their complexity. Keep in mind that each product will have a unique look depending on the finished sizes.


Our Customer Support Team is ready to assist you with your product questions and orders.

Call us at 1-800-237-1326 or email

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Custom Color Match Kitchen

Custom Color Matched Kitchen

Images supplied by William James Carpentry – Canton, MI



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Pyramid Panel Cabinet Doors

Pyramid Panel Cabinet D
Pyramid Panel Cabinet Doors

Our made-to-order Pyramid Panel Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts provide a creative way to infuse character into high-end kitchens and custom furniture. This product option is not shown in the current WalzCraft Catalog but is available as a Custom Engineered Product. WalzCraft reviews all requests for Pyramid Panel Cabinet Door and Drawer Fronts due to their complexity. Keep in mind that each product will have a unique look depending on the finished sizes.

We’ve created four samples to show how the product size changes the shape of the center panels. As always, these custom accent doors are available in a wide array of Profile, Wood Species, and Finish Options. *Note: Pyramid or Envelope Style Panel Doors and Drawer Fronts are only available in Solid Wood at this time.*

Our S966 Lennox and S967 Reese samples feature a Style 10 Raised Pyramid Panel Door and “Look B” Raised Panel Drawer Front. The shaped panel in the door extends to the face of the door while the back of the panel remains flat. The raised panel drawer fronts are 3/4″ at the edge and 1 1/8″ thick overall.

S966 Lennox Painted Pyramid Panel Cabinet Door
S966 Lennox
S967 Reese Wood Pyramid Panel Door
S967 Reese

The S968 Ainsley is an example of our Style 8000 Cabinet Door with square center panels while the S969 Ella showcases our Style 8030 Cabinet Door with three equal openings and rectangular pyramid center panels.

Please contact our Customer Support Team with any questions or to submit your project specifications.

S968 Ainsley Pyramid Panel Accent Door
S968 Ainsley
S969 Ella Pyramid Panel Accent Door
S969 Ella
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Gray & White Kitchen

Gray & White Kitchen

Image supplied by Countryside Cabinets – Wonewoc, WI


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Shiplap “Look” Cabinet Doors

Shiplap Cabinet Doors

If you follow popular interior design trends, you know that shiplap has become a prominent request among homeowners. Due to the increased interest, WalzCraft has added several Signature Series Door Designs inspired by this design trend.

Traditional shiplap is created by installing thin planks of wood with rabbet joinery. WalzCraft’s Shiplap “Look” Doors are a simplified version made to mimic the visual appearance of traditional shiplap. Instead of individual planks, we use Center Panel Face Routing applied horizontally to create this look.

Solid Wood Shiplap Style Panels

When looking for a natural or stained shiplap style door, we suggest pairing one of our simple Shaker, stepped, or beveled Stile and Rail profiles with our RVSCP PR324 Reversed Center Panel. The Reversed Center Panel will have horizontal gain and grooves to simulate the look of wood planks. The S951 Clinton, S958 Beckett, and S959 Kendrick samples showcase some of the recommended profile combinations, along with our CPFR 300 and CPFR 400 Center Panel Face Routs. When selecting a CPFR, you may also choose one of our standard spacing options or specify custom spacing.

S951 Clinton Shiplap Style Door
S951 Clinton

S951 Clinton is an Adventure Series Door with square SR100 Stiles and stepped SR163 Rails. The Center Panel features CPFR 300 grooves with 4 1/2″ Spacing. Sample shown in Straight Grain White Oak with Light American Walnut Stain.

Gray Shiplap Style S958 Beckett Cabinet Door
S958 Beckett

S958 Beckett pairs a clean Shaker Style Cabinet Door with our dark gray Nightfall Combination Stain on Rustic Alder. The center panel has CPFR 400 routs with 3″ spacing.

S959 Kendrick Door with Shiplap Look
S959 Kendrick

S959 Kendrick is a Transitional Style Cabinet Door with a beveled profile and CPFR 300 grooves with 3 3/4″ spacing. Sample features Select Red Birch with a Natural / Clear Coat (No Stain).

Painted Shiplap “Look” Options

If you are looking for a painted Shiplap Style Door, we recommend using our Paint Grade Maple Wood Species with a Recessed or Flat MDF Center Panel. Our S960 Quinn Door is the perfect example of this combination and is finished in our Dove White SolidTone (Paint). Our horizontal CPFR options are a great way to add a little detail to the highly requested white shaker door and pair perfectly with Farmhouse Styling.

S960 Quinn White Shiplap Style Door
S960 Quinn

3D Laminate (RTF) Shiplap Doors

Our 1-Piece 3D Laminate (RTF) Doors are also available with Center Panel Face Routing, although there are some limitations due to the materials used. The S961 Savvy Signature Series Design pairs one of our popular beveled profiles with a flat panel and CPFR 500 v-grooves. Our sample features the Gauntlet Grey Super Matte Finish. For more details, please view our Online Specifications Catalog or contact our Customer Support Team.

S961 Savvy 3D Laminate Shiplap Style Door
S961 Savvy
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Nightfall – New Dark Gray Stain

Nightfall V3 Combination Stain

WalzCraft’s Nightfall V3 is a dark gray Combination Stain that covers most of the natural color and highlights the darker wood grain. Our Combination Stains utilize a two-step process starting with toner as the first application and then applying a Wipe Stain. This two-step process creates unique colors with depth.

Color Blocks with Nightfall Stain

Nightfall is shown below on our Natural/Standard Grade Alder, Birch, Cherry, Maple, and Red Oak Wood Species. Nightfall color blocks are available in these Wood Species, as well as Hickory & Soft Maple (not pictured).

Nightfall V3 on Alder

Nightfall Combination Stain on Alder

Nightfall V3 on Birch

Nightfall Combination Stain on Birch

Nightfall V3 on Cherry

Nightfall Combination Stain on Cherry

Nightfall V3 on Hard Maple

Nightfall Combination Stain on Maple

Nightfall V3 on Red Oak

Nightfall Combination Stain on Red Oak

This Dark Gray Stain pairs well with an array of design schemes. However, Transitional, Contemporary, and Rustic styles top the list. Add distressing or glaze to create a truly custom finished product.

Additional Resources

Online Catalog

View our online catalog below for all Wood Species available in Nightfall V3.

Download PDF Here – See pages R.1.10-R.1.11 for Wood Species available with Nightfall V3 Combination Stain.

Additional Gray Stain Options

Check back soon for new Signature Series Door & Drawer Front Designs with Nightfall Stain!

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On-Trend Old World Cabinet Doors

Old World Cabinet Doors
1" Thick Old World Cabinet Doors

WalzCraft’s Old World Cabinet Doors feature increased thickness, deep profiles, and wider Stiles & Rails creating a high-end product with a dramatic look and feel. Our new Signature Series additions include three doors in light to dark shades of Gray Stain, as well as Blue and Green SolidTone (Paint) finishes.

Additional Information for Old World Doors

WalzCraft offers a wide variety of options to create a completely custom Old World Door look to suit any woodworking project. Customize these doors by adding Center Panel Face Routing, Decorative Inserts, Applied Molding, and a large variety of finish combinations.

Transitional Old World Doors in Shades of Gray

The S955 Parker and S957 Dexter Signature Series Designs offer Transitional Styling in popular gray stain colors. Each design demonstrates a different variation of the classic beveled profile.

S955 Parker Stained Gray Door & Drawer Front
S955 Parker

S955 Parker pairs Old World Construction with our #2936 Applied Molding to create a clean sophisticated look. Shown in Hickory with Stonehenge V3 Combination Stain.

S957 Dexter Straight Grain Oak Door
S957 Dexter

S957 Dexter is shown in Straight Grain White Oak with Light American Walnut Wipe Stain. The light gray stain shows off the wood grain and the slight bevel of the #3138 Applied Molding.

Dramatic Blue & Green Cabinet Doors

The S954 Allegra and S956 Ramsey Signature Series Designs both feature Applied Molding that is hand fit by our experienced craftsmen. The fine attention to detail and depth of the moldings provide instant wow-factor to these Old World Doors. Add distressing and glaze to these popular blue and green paint colors to give them a rustic or weathered appearance.

S954 Allegra Midnight Blue Cabinet Door
S954 Allegra

S954 Allegra merges our #1670 Applied Molding with Midnight Blue SolidTone® (Paint) to produce a dramatic Traditional look.

S956 Ramsey Farmhouse Style Cabinet Door
S956 Ramsey

The S956 Ramsey joins our #1372 Applied Molding with Spruce SolidTone® (Paint) finish to create a French Farmhouse look.

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Leaded Cabinet Glass – New Patterns

Made-to-Order Glass

WalzCraft recently added four leaded glass patterns to our Cabinet Glass Program. Leaded Glass options now include 16 standard design configurations available independently or with our Frame Only Cabinet Doors. All Designer Cabinet Glass Patterns are available for leaded glass inserts except for DG-05, resulting in 192 standard combinations. All Leaded Cabinet Glass is 1/4″ thick and custom made to your size.

New Traditional & Transitional Patterns

Leaded glass is a great way to add interest to kitchens, custom built-ins, or freestanding furniture like hutches and bookcases. All leaded cabinet glass ships directly from the manufacturer and includes an installation kit with instructions, plastic clips, and silicone. Everything you need to make job site installation easy! Our new additions include both Traditional and Transitional Patterns making it easy to find the perfect fit for your project.

DB-13 features a single, double, or triple X Pattern that will vary depending on door size. Shown with Pewter Caming and our DG-11 Clear Seedy Designer Glass.

DB-14 displays an elegant Curved Pattern with Pewter Caming and our DG-13 Clear GNA Designer Glass Pattern.

DB-15 has an X Pattern with Medallion, Pewter Caming, and our DG-13 Clear GNA Designer Glass Pattern.

DB-16 has a Traditional 3 x 3 – 9 Lite Leaded Glass Pattern and DG-Bev Clear Bevel Designer Glass.


WalzCraft’s leaded glass inserts include your choice of high quality imported art glass that is hand fit by skilled Artisans in the USA. Individual pieces of glass and lead caming (mullions separating the individual pieces of glass) are assembled, soldered on both sides, and then cemented in place with glazing putty. As a result, this construction method prevents rattling.

Additional Resources

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WalzCraft Earns Safety Award

Acuity Safety Award

WalzCraft was recently presented with the Acuity Insurance 2019 Award for Outstanding Manufacturing Safety Performance. This award is given to businesses that are exemplary in their partnership with Acuity to help ensure a safe workplace. We take safety seriously and are proud to be an award recipient.

Acuity Safety Award Logo

Congratulations and thank you to all WalzCraft employees for their help in receiving this award from our workman’s compensation insurance company!

WalzCraft Safety Award
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Dealer Aids for Showrooms & Product Displays

Kitchen Showroom Image

Clean, Organize, & Revitalize your Showroom

WalzCraft offers a variety of Dealer Aids, including Product Samples, Color Blocks, Door Displays, and Door Sample Cases, at a great value to help revitalize your showroom and prepare for upcoming client meetings. No matter what type of showroom or display space you have, it is important to keep your product displays, samples, and marketing up to date with the industry trends in your area.



Samples and Dealer Aids


Whether you are starting with a clean slate or redoing an existing display, WalzCraft offers everything you need to build or reface your showroom.

Kitchen Showroom Image

Ready to get started? Browse through our Signature Series Door & Drawer Front Designs to gather ideas. Use our Design Collection filters like Shaker Style, Transitional, or New Designs to help narrow down the selections to what’s trending in your area.

Wall Mounted Sample Door Display KitUse our Wall Mounted Sample Door Display Kit to display up to 15 sample Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts.


Order Sample Cabinet Doors, Drawer Fronts, or Color Blocks to display in your showroom or bring with to project meetings.

Here are a few popular options…

Stonehenge V3 - Gray Stain for Cabinet Components
Stonehenge V3 Combination Stain
Veneered Cabinet Doors
Veneered Doors with an Edge
3DL Super Matte
3DL (RFT) Super Matte Colors


Our Customizable Marketing Cards offer an easy way to get your company’s information directly into the hands of your customers.

Customizable Marketing Cards
Customizable Marketing Cards


Our Customer Support Team is ready to assist you with your product and sample orders.

Call us at 1-800-237-1326 or email

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Increase Output by Outsourcing

Outsourcing products is a simple way to free up time to focus on sales, installation, and project completion. WalzCraft is known as a reliable “Single Source Provider” for all of your cabinet door, drawer box, and custom cabinet component needs. With no minimum order size and additional time-saving services, we also make it easy to pick and choose how to lighten your workload.




WalzCraft believes it is a privilege to be of service to each and every one of our customers. Whether new to our company or a customer with years of WalzCraft experience, our friendly Customer Support team stands ready to assist you with your woodworking projects.

Data Entry Position at WalzCraft

WalzCraft’s Experienced Customer Support Team Can Assist You With:

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Cabinet Components for Home Offices

Home Office Cabinet Components

Use WalzCraft Cabinet Components to create completely custom home office solutions for your clients.

Custom Home Office Cabinet Components


Customize Cabinet Doors, Drawer Fronts, and Face Frames to create built-in storage, desks, & displays.


Design custom desktops and countertops with the material and edge option of your choice.


Add decorative and functional storage with a variety of shelving options.


Add furniture like details to stand alone or built-in work stations.


Use our miscellaneous joinery options to make building custom furniture easy.

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COVID-19 Shipment Receiving Status Form

  • If this pandemic has temporarily affected your business’s ability to operate or to receive shipments, and you currently have an order in house with us, please fill out the form below or contact the WalzCraft Customer Support Team via phone or email. We will work with you to find a solution.

    Due to the pandemic, freight and small package carriers are requiring that we confirm our customers will be available to receive orders upon shipping.

    If your company is currently unable to receive order shipments due to a COVID-19 Shutdown Mandate, please complete the below form instructing us to hold your shipments until you are once again operational. The asterisk (*) indicates a required field.

  • Please check the box below to confirm that your company is currently unable to receive shipments.

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COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 WalzCraft Response

(Updated 4/1/2020)

COVID-19 Impact on our Operation

WalzCraft’s office and production teams continue to operate on our regular schedules. We continue to closely monitor the developments related to COVID-19 and the impacts on our employees, community, and industry.  Although this pandemic is very widespread and affecting people and businesses across the globe, WalzCraft is fortunate to be able to continue operating as normal.  Critical infrastructure sectors and the essential workers identified by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) are exempt from Wisconsin Governor Evers’s “Safer at Home” order, and have been encouraged to remain open.

Specifically, Governor Evers’s Health Order #12 (“Safer at Home Order”) incorporates, by reference, CISA’s list of essential businesses. The Safer at Home Order specifically states that “any business or worker identified” in the CISA Memorandum dated March 23, 2020 is an essential business or operation (Section 13.a.). The CISA Memorandum on Identification of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers During COVID-19 Response recognizes WalzCraft’s workforce and operations as being an essential business under multiple categories:

“Workers who support the manufacture and distribution of forest products, including, but not limited to timber, paper, and other wood products.” (Under Agricultural industries)

“Workers who support the supply chain of building materials from production through application/installation, including cabinetry… and employees who provide services that enable repair materials and equipment for essential functions.” (Under Commercial Facilities)

“Workers performing housing construction related activities to ensure additional units can be made available to combat the nation’s existing housing supply shortage.” (Under Residential/Shelter Facilities and Services)

WalzCraft manufactures custom cabinet components for residential and commercial cabinet/casework manufacturers, residential and commercial contractors, and cabinet refacers across North America.  The vast majority of our cabinet doors, drawer boxes, molding, veneers, and plywood casework components are composed of wood and/or wood based panels (MDF, Melamine, etc.).  WalzCraft products are used in, but not limited to, single and multifamily housing (including dormitories), commercial and office buildings, schools, and many other applications.

We continue to produce products in our regular wait times with a goal of minimizing any disruption to our customers’ businesses. We appreciate your loyalty and patience as we all work through these unprecedented times together.

COVID-19 Impact on your Business

If this pandemic has temporarily affected your business’s ability to operate or to receive shipments, and you currently have an order in house with us, please fill out the COVID-19 Shipment Receiving Status Form  or contact the WalzCraft Customer Support Team via phone or email. We will work with you to find a solution.

COVID-19 Shipment Receiving Status

Due to the pandemic, freight and small package carriers are requiring that we confirm our customers will be available to receive orders upon shipping.

If your company is currently unable to receive order shipments due to a COVID-19 Shutdown Mandate, please complete the form instructing us to hold your shipments until you are once again operational.

COVID-19 Shipment Receiving Status Form

To WalzCraft Customers…

The unparalleled impacts of COVID-19 have and continue to impact countless people in our communities both directly and indirectly. WalzCraft is taking ongoing actions to ensure that we can safely continue to be here for you and meet the cabinet component needs of you and your customers. The safety of our employees, customers, suppliers, and community is our top priority.

In addition to our routine cleaning and sanitizing procedures, we have implemented further preventative practices and safety precautions set forth by the CDC and Wisconsin Department of Health. Social distancing has shown to be an effective way of stopping the spread of the virus. Social distancing measure are promoted and incorporated in the workplace, and where feasible, employees are working remotely.

As a supplier to small and medium sized businesses, we understand the importance of delivering on commitments. We do not take your business for granted and appreciate your loyalty. We are committed to doing everything that we can to keep your orders running on schedule to allow you to fulfill your obligations. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or email our Customer Support Team.

Thank you for your patience.

Richard A. Walz


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Welcome to the New is a Responsive Website

New Look. Mobile-Friendly. Same Premium Quality Products.

After months of hard work, we are excited to announce that the new and refreshed is live! The updated website includes a fresh new look, responsive (mobile-friendly) design, and the latest information about our products and services. We also updated our page and product layouts, navigation, and graphics to create a more user-friendly experience. 

We hope you enjoy browsing through our updated website. As always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated.

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Onlay Frames

Onlay Frames

An Onlay Frame is a frame with no panel cut that simulates a frame-only door that can be applied to the backs of islands or peninsulas or on cabinet ends, or placed on walls to create a custom wainscot panel “look”. They come in ⅜”, ¾”, and 1″ thicknesses, and use the same construction methods as that of our Mitered and French Mitered doors.

Additional Resources