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Face Frame – Notes

Face Frames

Standard Stile & Rail dimensions are 1 1/2″, while custom dimensions can be made available upon request. All assembled Face Frames will have a size tolerance of +/- 1mm on the overall sizes and +/- 1mm within each opening.

WalzCraft assembles most Face Frames with care using Pocket Screw Joinery. Biscuit Joinery or Domino Tenon Joinery may be requested in lieu of Pocket Screws. *Please note that all Arched Top Face Frame Configurations are only available with Domino Tenon Joinery.

When ordering, please specify each frame part size and each opening dimension, along with overall required width and height dimensions.

*Please note that overall face frame dimensions must equal the total of your part sizes and opening sizes.


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Face Frames
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Color Block Sample Set – Notes

Color Samples

This is an In-Stock Color Block Set and is available for purchase as a complete set.

When ordering full sets, all of the blocks within that set will be chained together with no additional charge for chaining.

Color Blocks are constructed using 3 glue-ups to provide a more realistic color comparison, similar to that of a center panel in a door, and are approximately 5″W x 5⅝”L.


To order a color block set, select the “Color Block Sets Form” in our E•Z Order Form, or contact our Customer Support Team to place your order.

36 Month Life Expectancy

We recommend ordering new samples if the current date exceeds the “Ship Date” by more than 3 years.