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WalzCraft Molding “Shorts Program”

WalzCraft moldings are made to order as efficiently as possible. However, working with a natural product means that on occasion a defect is exposed through the manufacturing process that will not allow us to sell the molding as an 8-foot clear. Instead, we are often left with 3 to 7 feet of usable material, and 1 to 3 feet of material not suitable for the order.

Part of our mission is to use our materials and resources in the most efficient manner, which is why we offer the availability of shorter moldings through our “Shorts Program.” When using this program, WalzCraft offers an additional discount on 3 to 7-foot moldings when they are available.

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WalzCraft Wood Species & Grade Combination Options for Moldings

Wood Species and Grade combinations that allow for the use of natural characteristics and ascetical defects are Green & Environmentally Friendly products. Below are several standard options from WalzCraft that can make your next project, a greener project.