DBSP200 Drawer Box w/Side Pattern Option

Pullout Drawer Boxes offer an added functional benefit of full, easy access to the contents of your drawer box. WalzCraft offers Drawer Box Shaped Side Patterns that add both character and unique touch to your drawer box, and also the advantage of storing odd-shaped items.

Drawer Box Shaped Side Patterns are often a helpful feature in a bank of kitchen cabinetry drawers such as for storage of pots, pans & small appliances, in closet applications for both increased organization & easier access to stored items, and also with furniture applications to provide a polished look where the unique design of your drawer box may be exposed to the eye as an integrated part of a design.

Available options include WalzCraft’s DBSP patterns with either a radiused or slanted design. When choosing any of our DBSP patterns, you must also specify the height for both the front and back of the drawer box, with some patterns also requiring a third dimension to be specified for the flat area of a Drawer Box Shaped Side Pattern design.

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Pullout Drawer Box Specifications

as Shown

  • Dovetail
  • Maple - Hard / Soft - Mixed
  • Budget Grade
  • Natural
  • Maple - Hard - RC (Budget Grade)
  • Plywood
  • 13mm Inset
  • 5/8"
  • TE3

Additional Information

Please note that Drawer Box Side Patterns can also be ordered in conjunction with a choice of Drawer Box Scoop or Drawer Box “Ears”.

Drawer Box Notching & Drawer Slides/Runners:

WalzCraft can also prep your Drawer Boxes with Drawer Box Notching for our Salice or Blum Drawer Slides and Runners, with Notching options also available for other hardware styles.

Your Drawer Boxes and Drawer Slides/Runners will all ship together in one shipment, to make your installation that much more efficient and convenient!

View Drawer Slide & Notching Options here.

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