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Frame & Mullion Doors

Frame and Mullion Cabinet Doors

Wood Frame & Mullion (Muntin) Doors are a very popular way to incorporate a touch of accent into kitchen cabinetry, custom built-ins, entertainment centers, hutches, and more. WalzCraft’s selection of Frame & Mullion Doors is quite extensive, allowing you to tailor each accent door into a unique creation that will suit the project at hand.

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Designer Cabinet Glass
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Leaded Glass for Cabinet Doors

Custom Leaded Glass for Kitchen Cabinets

Custom Leaded Glass for Kitchen Cabinets

WalzCraft’s Leaded Glass Inserts are a great option to achieve a dramatic look when using frame only doors. Leaded glass can be used to enhance the look and design of hutches and built-ins, offering a more decorative appearance than cabinet glass alone. When used in kitchen cabinetry, leaded glass doors can go a long way in achieving a certain theme or style. Using these accent doors when remodeling historic kitchens can blend the new cabinetry seamlessly into the rest of the home. Certain styles, such as Prairie and Craftsman Style architecture, can incorporate these doors and drastically improve the design of the project.

Leaded glass inserts are available independently or with frame only doors. When ordering with a frame only door, all door profiles are available and WalzCraft will calculate the size of the glass needed to fit the opening. WalzCraft offers 12 standard configurations for leaded glass patterns. All WalzCraft Designer Glass Patterns are available for leaded glass windows with the exception of DG-05. This offers an impressive 144 standard combinations.

WalzCraft’s leaded glass products all use high quality imported art glass, which are then hand fit by skilled Artisans in the USA. Individual pieces of glass and lead caming (mullions separating the individual pieces of glass) are assembled, soldiered on both sides, and cemented in place with glazing putty to prevent any rattling.

Wherever a frame or mullion door is being used, consider the option of leaded glass inserts to create a unique and decorative look. This offers a truly customized end result.

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