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Stile & Rail Profiles

View Mortise & Tenon Stile & Rail Profiles for Cabinet Doors in our Online Catalog.

Standard “Traditional” Mortise & Tenon (Cope & Stick) Stile & Rail profiles at 2 1/4″  in width and 3/4″ in thickness, while “Old World” Mortise & Tenon Stile & Rail profiles are standard at 3″ in width and 1″ thickness. Profiles are available for Mortise & Tenon (Cope & Stick) Cabinet Doors with both Raised (Solid) & Flat (1/4″ Thick) Center Panels, and also Frame Only Doors and Cabinet Mullions (Muntins).

“Traditional” Mortise & Tenon (Cope & Stick) Stile & Rail profiles can be ordered with WalzCraft cabinet doors, wainscoting, and many other cabinet components. WalzCraft’s large variety of Stile & Rail profiles allows customization of each cabinet door, with options to suit any design style from contemporary and shaker to classic and rich. WalzCraft also offers Center Panel and Outside Edge profile designs to match and complement many standard Stile & Rail contours.

  • All Stile & Rail and Mullion drawings are to scale
  • Choice of Stile and Rail may be specified at NO additional cost
  • Standard Stile & Rail dimensions can be customized beyond the 2 1/4″ “Traditional” standard widths at NO added cost (limitations may apply)
  • Stile & Rail profiles marked with a “C” indicate Curved Product availability
  • Please see Mitered Cabinet Door specifications for Mitered Stile & Rail profiles
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WalzCraft Expands Mullion Lite Pattern Options

Maple - Hard / Soft Mix
(S780) LP127 - 4 Lites
(S777) Peconic
(S777) Peconic
(S783) LP134 - 12-Lites
(S783) LP134 - 12-Lites

WalzCraft is pleased to announce the addition of several new Mullion Lite Pattern Options to its current collection. The new additions will expand WalzCraft’s selection to over 65 designs, all which are available in numerous Profiles, Wood Species and Finish combinations. Add interest to your mullion door by applying a Lite Pattern to a Flat Panel Door or by adding Designer Glass.

Learn more about Frame & Mullion Cabinet Doors

Learn more about Applied Mullion Doors

WalzCraft also welcomes customers to create custom Lite Patterns by modifying an existing pattern or submitting a design of their own. For more information, specifications, and pricing, please contact WalzCraft’s Customer Support Team at 1-800-237-1326 or