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Center Panel Profiles

View Center Panel Profiles for Cabinet Doors in our Online Catalog.

Center Panel profile options are available in a range of designs from subtle and classic to innovative and creative. Most center panels are 3/8″ or 3/4″ thick solid wood, available in both Raised Panel looks as well as Reversed (Flat) Solid Wood Panel look (PR324-RVSCP) such as commonly used in Shaker Cabinet Door designs.

Most Raised Panel profile designs are available in different reveal widths to satisfy both your design and functional needs. A common functional example is when the height of your drawer front does not allow for the use of a wider reveal profile used on a door. In most cases, you would choose a center panel profile from the same Design Family that has a smaller reveal or choose to use our Reversed (Flat) Solid Wood Panel (PR324-RVSCP).

In addition to the Standard Raised and Reversed Panels, we also offer Solid Wood Recessed Raised Panels and profiles specifically designed of our, which feature deeper profiles.

  • All Center Panel profiles are drawn to scale
  • Choice of Center Panel profile may be specified at NO additional cost
  • Center Panel profiles marked with a “C” indicate Curved Product availability
  • All Center Panel Profiles are available in MDF when using Paint Grade Stile & Rail material
  • See Center Panel Only specifications for ordering Center Panels Only (CPO) in wood or MDF