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Upper Cabinet Valances

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Center Panel Profiles

View Center Panel Profiles for Cabinet Doors in our Online Catalog.

Center Panel profile options are available in a range of designs from subtle and classic to innovative and creative. Most center panels are 3/8″ or 3/4″ thick solid wood, available in both Raised Panel looks as well as Reversed (Flat) Solid Wood Panel look (PR324-RVSCP) such as commonly used in Shaker Cabinet Door designs.

Most Raised Panel profile designs are available in different reveal widths to satisfy both your design and functional needs. A common functional example is when the height of your drawer front does not allow for the use of a wider reveal profile used on a door. In most cases, you would choose a center panel profile from the same Design Family that has a smaller reveal or choose to use our Reversed (Flat) Solid Wood Panel (PR324-RVSCP).

In addition to the Standard Raised and Reversed Panels, we also offer Solid Wood Recessed Raised Panels and profiles specifically designed of our, which feature deeper profiles.

  • All Center Panel profiles are drawn to scale
  • Choice of Center Panel profile may be specified at NO additional cost
  • Center Panel profiles marked with a “C” indicate Curved Product availability
  • All Center Panel Profiles are available in MDF when using Paint Grade Stile & Rail material
  • See Center Panel Only specifications for ordering Center Panels Only (CPO) in wood or MDF
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Traditional Mortise & Tenon Flat Panel Door Styles

Mortise Tenon Veneer Flat Panel Cabinet Doors

WalzCraft Traditional Mortise and Tenon (Cope & Stick) Flat Panel Doors are available in many frame shapes including standard Square, Arched, Cathedral, & many other rare styles that can create a lasting & unique product.

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3D Laminate (RTF) Doors and Drawer Fronts

1-Piece MDF Cabinet Doors

3D Laminate / Rigid Thermofoil (RTF) Doors & Drawer Fronts consist of a routed one-piece MDF door with a vinyl film applied using heat and pressure. The 3D nature of the product comes from the ability of the vinyl film to form to the contours of the face and sides of a door or drawer front.

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3D Laminate / Rigid Thermofoil (RTF) Cabinet Doors


3D Laminate/RTF Colors