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What You Can Expect to Learn When You Attend the WalzCraft Refacing Program

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The WalzCraft Cabinet Refacing Training Program consists of comprehensive courses that demonstrate WalzCraft’s Refacing Systems. This proven, high quality and thorough approach to teaching cabinet refacing is the best “in-class” training where you learn how to reface kitchen cabinets.

Our state of the art training center in La Crosse, WI, features actual kitchens that students reface under the instruction of our expert refacing trainer. This simulated hands-on “in the home” experience provides students with the necessary skills and more importantly the confidence to reface a project on site, in the customer’s home.

The WalzCraft Cabinet Refacing Training Program offers courses for all skill levels and we can assist you in determining which course will suit your needs best.



What You Can Expect to Learn

Learn 4 different Cabinet Refacing Methods using a variety of materials:

  • 1/8” and ¼” thick 3 ply hardwood panel
  • paper backed, wood backed and phenolic backed veneers
  • 3/16” solid wood
  • Solid Tone (painted) products
  • 3D Laminate (RTF)

In our workshop “mock kitchen” setting:

  • Learn how to properly prepare cabinet surfaces for refacing.
  • Learn about various types of adhesives and which is proper to use with different refacing materials.
  • Learn how and when to use custom corner moldings for better results.
  • Learn which hand tools, fasteners, etc. to use in the refacing process and where to purchase them.
  • Learn techniques used to quickly install new drawer boxes.
  • Learn techniques used to quickly install new drawer fronts and false fronts.
  • Learn which measurements to gather to provide your client with a quick quote.
  • Learn how to gather final measurements to place an order.

In our “classroom” style setting:

  • Learn how to navigate WalzCraft’s Master Spec Catalog.
  • Learn how to place an order for your refacing materials.

Enjoy an in-depth tour of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility!

Find more information about our Cabinet Refacing Training at A more detailed Curriculum is included in our Pre-Registration packet. To request a copy, please complete our Request More Information form.



Installing Refacing Materials
Trimming Veneer
Installing New Drawer Boxes
Pre-cutting Refacing Material
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