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Outside Edge Profiles

View Outside Edge Profiles for Cabinet Doors in our Online Catalog.

WalzCraft offers a large variety of 160+ Outside Edge profile options to select for any “Traditional”, “Old World” or “Mitered” Cabinet Door project, along with Wainscots, and other Accent Component needs. View our standard and Applied Molding options below. Additional options Combination and Custom Outside Edge profiles are available upon request.

Outside Edge – Standard


Outside Edge – Applied Molding

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All Molding Profiles

View all Wood Molding Design in our Online Catalog

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Melamine & High Pressure Laminate Doors

View Melamine & High Pressure Laminate Doors in our Online Catalog

Melamine & High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Doors & Drawer Fronts are available in a slab style with various customer-specified options. These Door & Drawer Fronts are commonly incorporated into Contemporary kitchens, bathrooms, closets, built-ins, & more, along with many commercial applications including cabinetry, furniture, & bathrooms. Melamine & HPL Doors & Drawer Fronts are often chosen for their clean look, durability, & ease of care as they are quite easy to clean by simply wiping down.

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Melamine & high pressure laminate Cabinet Doors
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Half Lap & Varying Outside Edges

Half Lap Edge for Cabinet Doors

A pair of cabinet doors or a bank of drawer fronts can be easily paired by choosing a Half Lap Outside Edge option or by using a combination of Varying Outside Edge Profiles.

A Half Lap Edge uses a rabbet cut on one edge of each product so that the edges can overlap and fit together. Alternatively, a product may be ordered with Varying Outside Edge Profiles. This is common with a bank of drawer fronts that may have a profiled edge on the stiles with a square (D7) edge on the top and/or bottom rails so that the drawers can be butted up to one another.

Using Additional Outside Edge Profiles

All of WalzCraft’s cabinet door and drawer front styles include the cost of one Outside Edge Profile; however, a different Outside Edge Profile can be designated for each of the four sides of your product.

It is common to butt together two products with a square (D7) edge, while other scenarios call for various Outside Edge Profiles along each edge of the product. Please see our catalog specifications to view the correct abbreviations for placing your quote or order.

Half Lap Edge Option

Half Lap Doors are to be ordered as a pair and edged so that they fit together like a puzzle. Once installed, a Half Lap cabinet door pair will look like the right stile of the left door is butted up to the left stile of the right door. To create this look, a 3/8″ wide x 3/8″ high rabbet cut is applied to the front side of one door and the back side of the other door.

This requires one non-standard part, depending on which door is to open first in the pair. Please see our online catalog specifications to view the correct designations for placing your quote or order for Half Lap Edge cabinet door pairs.

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Finger & Hand Pulls

Finger and Hand Pull Routing on Cabinet Doors

WalzCraft offers Finger and Hand Pull Rout Options for cabinet doors and drawer fronts, which eliminate the need for decorative handles / pulls, if not desired. This is a common addition to Contemporary slab-style cabinet doors and drawer fronts where the intended design is for a simple, clean look.

Hand Pull Rout Availability

Hand Pull Routs are available on nearly any door style, and also with Model B & Model D Appliance Panels. The HR100, HR200 & HR300 are the available Hand Pull Rout Options, which are applied to the face of the product. When ordering, it is necessary to specify the Rout Option and whether the Hand Pull Rout should run the Full Length (FL) or Not Full Length (NFL) of the product. Your product may also require special stile part sizes in order to accommodate the Hand Pull Rout.

The HR400 & HR500 Hand Pull Rout Options create a relief cut that allows additional space behind decorative hardware such as handles / hand pulls. It is necessary to specify the placement of this Hand Pull style as shown in our catalog specifications above.

Finger Pull Rout Availability

The FP100 & FP200 Finger Pull Options are applied to the backside of a door or drawer front and can run the full length of the product or in a 5″ wide option. It is necessary to check our Outside Edge Compatibility Chart under the Technical Information tab to ensure that the Outside Edge Profile of your choice is compatible with the Finger Pull Option chosen.

Finger Pull Rout Options can also be applied to the face of your product in the FP300 or FP400 option, where the rout runs a 5″ width in your choice of placement.

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