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Outside Edge Profiles

View Outside Edge Profiles for Cabinet Doors in our Online Catalog.

WalzCraft offers a large variety of 160+ Outside Edge profile options to select for any “Traditional”, “Old World” or “Mitered” Cabinet Door project, along with Wainscots, and other Accent Component needs. View our standard and Applied Molding options below. Additional options Combination and Custom Outside Edge profiles are available upon request.

Outside Edge – Standard


Outside Edge – Applied Molding

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Molder Edges for 600 Series Mitered Profiles

WalzCraft’s Molder Edges for Mitered and French Mitered Cabinet Doors are available with the 600 Series of Mitered Stile and Rail profiles and are not available with “Traditional” Joinery Options. These Molder Edge options are available in addition to WalzCraft’s standard Outside Edge profile options when ordering 600 Series Mitered Stile and Rail profiles only.