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Outside Edge Profiles

View Outside Edge Profiles for Cabinet Doors in our Online Catalog.

WalzCraft offers a large variety of 160+ Outside Edge profile options to select for any “Traditional”, “Old World” or “Mitered” Cabinet Door project, along with Wainscots, and other Accent Component needs. Additional options for Applied Molding, Combination, and Custom Outside Edge profiles are available upon request.

  • Outside edge choices can be specified for any project at NO additional cost.
  • Please check the compatibility of Outside Edge profiles on our website under Technical Information for Hinge Boring, Finger Pulls & 45° Miter Cut applications
  • D7 is the only Outside Edge profile option available for products over 1″ thick
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3D Laminate / RTF Sheet Stock

3D Laminate (RTF) Sheet Stock

3D Laminate (RTF) stock is available in both 4′ W x 8′ H and 2′ W x 8′ H sheet sizes. Backing options include loose foil only, loose foil with a 3M PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) backing, or with a Phenolic Backing.

In addition, WalzCraft can create 1/4″ and 1/2″ thick 3D Laminate Panels using raw MDF panels. These panels are laminated on two sides with the foil of your choice, to avoid warping. Panels can be ordered cut to size, with a maximum size limitation of 40″ W x 90″ H.

Additional Resources


3D Laminate / Rigid Thermofoil (RTF) Cabinet Doors


3D Laminate/RTF Colors


Easy to use Veneer Application Instruction for:

  • Phenolic Back Veneer
  • Wood Backed Veneer
  • Paper Back Veneer (No Adhesive)
  • Wood Backed Veneer with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA)
  • Paper Back Veneer with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA)

View Veneer Application Instructions

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7/2011 – Contemporary 3D Laminate / RTF Cabinet Door – S671 Montross

Contemporary-Cabinet-Door---S671-Montross---WalzCraftThe S671 Montross is a 3D Laminate / RTF Signature Series Cabinet Door illustrating a Contemporary Style of design made of basic slab construction and a stylish 3D Laminate woodgrain finish. This slab Rigid Thermofoil door is made of an MDF core with an optional slightly broken outside edge. The Modern design of the Montross cabinet door makes for a trendy and popular fit in many applications, including Contemporary kitchen designs, bathrooms, custom closet configurations, and commercial cabinetry settings. More specifically, Contemporary 3D Laminate / RTF doors can be suitable with office furniture designs and trade show display arrangements.

The S671 Montross Signature Series Design demonstrates a combination of WalzCraft’s simple ¾” thick MDF core, slab Contemporary cabinet door design with a D33 – 1/16” – slightly broken, radiused outside edge. A variety of alternate outside edge options allow for variations of this design to suit any project. The Montross’ attractive Italian Macassar 3D Laminate / RTF finish can make a statement in any environment; while an assortment of other 3D Laminate / RTF options are also available to allow for further customization of this Signature Series design. Doors can be ordered with a specified grain direction, also available in 1” thickness, and with a white or almond colored melamine backing. Loose foils and laminate panels are also available to compliment the S671 Montross door design for use in commercial cabinetry and custom closet configurations. A close / approximate melamine match can also be purchased from Flakeboard – Macassar Ebony – H1596 for convenience.

The S671 Montross Contemporary cabinet door is also a safe and economical alternative to solid wood cabinet doors as thermofoil cabinet doors have multiple benefits. This type of cabinet door construction is very durable – less prone to chipping/cracking, easy to care for – simply clean with warm soapy water, and can carry a lower cost when compared to solid wood & veneered doors of exotic/premium wood species. Endless styles/patterns of 3D Laminate / RTF are also available to suit any environment whether subtle & tactile or loud & vibrant, while Patterns will always be consistent and without voids, along with being sealed – offering very little opportunity for expansion and contraction or mold/mildew growth.

Click here to view the Standard Profiles & Options and Customer Specific Features of the S671 Montross Signature Series Design.

Click here to learn more about WalzCraft’s 3D Laminate / Rigid Thermofoil Doors.

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Half Lap & Varying Outside Edges

Half Lap Edge for Cabinet Doors

A pair of cabinet doors or a bank of drawer fronts can be easily paired by choosing a Half Lap Outside Edge option or by using a combination of Varying Outside Edge Profiles.

A Half Lap Edge uses a rabbet cut on one edge of each product so that the edges can overlap and fit together. Alternatively, a product may be ordered with Varying Outside Edge Profiles. This is common with a bank of drawer fronts that may have a profiled edge on the stiles with a square (D7) edge on the top and/or bottom rails so that the drawers can be butted up to one another.

Using Additional Outside Edge Profiles

All of WalzCraft’s cabinet door and drawer front styles include the cost of one Outside Edge Profile; however, a different Outside Edge Profile can be designated for each of the four sides of your product.

It is common to butt together two products with a square (D7) edge, while other scenarios call for various Outside Edge Profiles along each edge of the product. Please see our catalog specifications to view the correct abbreviations for placing your quote or order.

Half Lap Edge Option

Half Lap Doors are to be ordered as a pair and edged so that they fit together like a puzzle. Once installed, a Half Lap cabinet door pair will look like the right stile of the left door is butted up to the left stile of the right door. To create this look, a 3/8″ wide x 3/8″ high rabbet cut is applied to the front side of one door and the back side of the other door.

This requires one non-standard part, depending on which door is to open first in the pair. Please see our online catalog specifications to view the correct designations for placing your quote or order for Half Lap Edge cabinet door pairs.